Our first newsletter, proactively updating you with Kamet Trading news

This is a webcopy of our email newsletter.

As the year draws to an end, we introduce to you our newsletter. Through our newsletter, we will proactively keep you updated with important information regarding doing business with us. This can be delivery time updates from our manufacturing partners, product updates and other Kamet Trading news.

First thing on the the list; our new colleagues!
Throughout the year we welcomed new people and also said goodbye to valued co-workers. Please visit our Teams page to meet the entire Kamet team!

With the addition of Peter Jan, Paul, Tetiana, Sabina, Walter, Stéphane and Victoria to the team, we also have some new languages on board. Kamet can now help you in Spanish, Greek, French, German, Russian, English and Dutch.

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Keep your 2022 budget & delivery times in check

Worldwide we see an increase in prices for raw materials, transport and overall costs, as a result of the (after) affects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has forced our partner manufacturers to increase their prices as per 2022 for softcable, RTD elements, connection heads, connector plug & jacks, tubes and more.

To ensure stability in prices and assurance of materials for your production, we offer one to two year contracts on all products Kamet has to offer. This gives you fixed prices for up to two years and because we have the item in stock for you, we can assure fixed delivery times for the needed materials.

Contact Key Account Manager Peter Jan (Benelux, DACH, Italy) or Paul to get personal advice for the best purchase strategy.

All price and delivery info available online, also for non-stock items

Our webshop is known for its stock of MI cable, RTD elements, bare TC wires and connectors. For these items you can conveniently browse and purchase coils or batches online. We have also added non-stock items to our webshop, with indicative prices and expected delivery times. With the addition of these products you have easy access 24/7 to more of our products. Note: Exact prices and delivery times will be provided on the order confirmation.

A further webshop update will follow early in the new year, when it will also be possible to check the accurate day-rate prices for Type S Platinum sheathed MI cable online.

Do you not yet have a webshop account? Contact our Inside Sales colleagues via [email protected] to request a company account.

Temperature maintenance solutions

In our warehouse we also stock mineral insulated heating cables from our longtime partner Okazaki. These Okazaki heating cables are used for heat tracing projects around the world. Mineral insulated heat tracing systems are the preferred temperature maintenance solution in industries with corrosive environments, extreme temperatures, high pressure or high radiation including high power density systems.

In this field there is seldom one standard solution. Our Heating team, consisting of Roy and Joep, are happy to work together with you to find the best solution.

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Opening hours holiday season

This year Kamet Trading will be closed between the 27th and 31st of December. During this week we will not be able to assist you with quotes, orders or shipments.

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