ARi industries, our partner for high temperature and exotic thermocouples

Our American partner ARi industries was established in 1952 and was among the first companies to ever manufacture mineral insulated cable. Since the establishment, the company actively refined the production process of MI cable and high temperature thermocouples. One of the distinctive measures ARi industries took to improve the performance of its products was the usage of high purity MgO, which they started using for all their MI cables. ARi industries is our main partner for high temperature thermocouples, heater cables and special MI cables. ARi industries is also a subsidiary of Okazaki, our main partner for MI cable.

ARi industries contributed to the NASA Mars curiosity rover, which was launched into orbit in 2011, by supplying highly specialized heater elements.

ARi industries produces high temperature thermocouples for applications where base metal thermocouples cannot be used due to extreme temperatures and severe environments. By using high temperature resistant sheath materials in combination with type S, R, B, C or D thermocouples, the high temperature thermocouples, also called exotic thermocouples, can withstand the most hazardous environments. Some of the high temperature thermocouples can even measure up to 2300°C.


Typical applications

Typical applications for high temperature thermocouples are e.g. vacuum furnaces, gas furnaces, high temperature ovens and reaction furnaces. Besides producing tailor-made high temperature thermocouples, ARi industries also supplies Kamet with special MI cables, such as type S, R and B mineral insulated thermocouple cable.

The high temperature thermocouples

The high temperature thermocouples produced by ARi industries are typically sheathed in Inconel 600, Pt10%Rh, Tantalum, Niobium 1% Zirconium or Molybdenum.

NASA mission to Mars

ARi industries contributed to the first NASA mission to Mars, by supplying ultra-light customized heater elements to keep vital research instruments at a stable temperature.  

High purity MgO

The mineral insulated type S, R and B thermocouple cables that ARi industries manufactures for Kamet are insulated with high purity MgO (Magnesium Oxide).  

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