For which applications, and which not, can you use Pyrosil D® sheathed MI cable?

What are some typical applications for Pyrosil D® sheathed MI cable?

Pyrosil D® has been developed as a very strong thermocouple sheath with high temperature corrosion resistance and extremely low levels of contaminants that could cause degradation over time. As such, it is the mineral insulated cable sheath of choice in high temperature industries with extremely challenging atmospheres and/or environments. For example, it is now considered standard practice for major refinery companies to use Pyrosil D® sheathed thermocouples in furnaces.

Some specific examples of other industries where Pyrosil D® is used  include temperature monitoring in incinerators and furnaces such as in an aluminium anode bake furnace. In gas or steam turbines Pyrosil D® sheathed MI cable can be used to monitor the turbine blade path and exhaust gas. Lastly, Pyrosil D® is very useful in industries such as glass and component manufacture where contamination levels need to be kept low.

Overall, Pyrosil D® cable is the preferred choice in a wide range of high temperature industries including:

  • heat treatment
  • chemical and petrochemical
  • automotive
  • steel
  • ceramics
  • glass
  • power generation
  • electronic components

You can find out more about the Pyrosil D® products we stock. In addition you can get in contact with us to talk about the best MI cable for your particular situation.

Are there applications where Pyrosil D® is not a good fit?

Reducing sulphurous atmospheres are not recommended for Pyrosil D® products unless the temperature is below 500°C.

What is the added value of using Pyrosil D® sheath material for mineral insulated (MI) cables like type N and K?

A Pyrosil D® sheath allows MI cable to withstand extremely high temperatures: a maximum of 1250°C for continuous use. Furthermore Pyrosil D® offers stability and a long lifespan as is reflected in the following characteristics: 

  • excellent oxidation and nitridation resistance
  • outstanding mechanical strength: Pyrosil D® has a higher stress rupture strength than other heat resistant nickel based alloys
  • low drift for N and K type thermocouples
  • Pyrosil D® has a coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of the core rods in N type thermocouples. As such, there is very little differential expansion which is what usually results in conductor breakage.

We stock Type K and Type N MI cables with a Pyrosil D® sheath.