What are the advantages of Type C and Type D thermocouple?

In short, Type C (W5%Re-W26%Re) and Type D (W3%Re-W25%-Re) thermocouples have the unique advantage that they allow for extremely high temperature measurement with excellent accuracy. They are very similar in composition, ductility and performance. Read more about the differences between thermocouples Type C and Type D wires.

Type C and Type D thermocouples are designed with the goal of accurately transmitting temperature readings in ultra high heat situations from the tungsten-rhenium probe to the measurement instrumentation. Depending on the application and set up, Type C and Type D thermocouples:

  • are capable of measuring temperatures of up to 2300ºC
  • remain extremely stable at high temperatures
  • can withstand reducing atmospheres (resistant to acids)
  • function excellently in vacuums and inert atmospheres (eg hydrogen)
  • are specifically selected for temperatures and conditions beyond the capabilities of platinum thermocouples

All these attributes make Type C and Type D thermocouples extremely useful for a wide range of industries such as aerospace, power generation and semiconductor.

The following table provides an overview of the types of C and D thermocouple we supply at Kamet.

Type TC wireDiameter in MM
Type D, W3%Re-W25%Re0.076
Type C, W5%Re-W26%Re0.076
Type C, W5%Re-W26%Re0.127
Type D, W3%Re-W25%Re0.127
Type D, W3%Re-W25%Re0.198
Type C, W5%Re-W26%Re0.198
Type D, W3%Re-W25%Re0.254
Type C, W5%Re-W26%Re0.254
Type C, W5%Re-W26%Re0.381
Type D, W3%Re-W25%Re0.381
Type D, W3%Re-W25%Re0.50
Type C, W5%Re-W26%Re0.50
Type D, W3%Re-W25%Re1.00
Type C, W5%Re-W26%Re1.00

A word about ultra fine thermocouple wires. By means of a special order, it is possible to supply Type C and Type D wires at even smaller diameters than in the above table, even as small as .01mm. In order to make these our supplier matches and calibrates wires at a larger intermediate size before final drawing, cleaning and annealing takes place. Indications of price and delivery times for ultra fine wires depend on the size and quantity. It is best to contact our advisors for a quote.