What kind of mineral insulated heaters are available and which does Kamet offer?

There are different mineral insulated heaters. For example: Micro heaters, heat tracing elements, cartridge heaters, plate heaters, radiant heaters, tubular heaters, cathode heaters. Below you can find a more detailed description of these types of heaters.

Micro heater

Micro heaters are the smallest mineral insulated heaters available. They are very bendable and supply heat with a quick response. The diameter of a heater can go as low as 1mm. Therefore, they are highly suitable when limited space is available.

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Heat tracing element

Heat tracing elements are applied in environments where high power output is required. The heaters are used to protect pipes from freezing, or to maintain temperature of process piping and vessels. The heaters are suitable for short to very long heating circuits. Mineral insulated heat tracing element are especially suitable when high temperatures need to be reached. Also, the metallic sheath protects the element against challenging conditions like corrosion or chemicals.

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Cartridge heater

Cartridge heaters are tube-shaped heating elements used in many industries like aerospace, automotive, textile, and food production. The heater has a resistive wire that is insulated with magnesium oxide and is enclosed with a metallic sheath.

Plate heater

Plate heaters are primarily used to heat surfaces to a certain temperature, for example, vessels in the food and beverage industry. The mineral insulated heater is fitted in the plate.

Tubular or radiant heater

Tubular heaters are tube-shaped heaters and unique because of their flexibility. They are easy to bend and used in the entire range of electric heating applications, for example, to heat air in ovens. Tubular heaters can be made in small sizes but with high power. Therefore, the thermal response speed is high and temperatures of around 850Ā°C can be reached.

Cathode heater

A cathode heater is a heated wire that heats the cathode in a vacuum tube or cathode ray tube. The cathode element has to achieve the required temperature in order for these tubes to function properly.

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What Mineral Insulated heaters does Kamet offer?

Kamet offers the following mineral insulated heaters:

  • Mineral insulated heater cable: without internal transitions to cold ends or terminations to lead wire.
  • Mineral Insulated heater blanks: without terminations to lead wire but have an internal transition to a cold section.
  • Mineral Insulated heater assemblies: finished heaters with terminations to lead wire and almost always have a cold section. These are ready to use out of the box.