Isabellenhütte, our partner for Thermocouple wire

Isabellenhütte is our partner for thermocouple wire and thermocouple rods. Isabellenhütte is the manufacturer of RTD and thermocouple precision alloys for temperature measurement. Furthermore, the company also produces passive components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries on a large scale.

Our Aeropak® mineral insulated cable is manufactured using the thermocouple wires from Isabellenhütte.

The thermocouple wires Isabellenhütte produces have become the industries’ reference point for temperature measurement. Isabellenhütte continuously redefines their technical and innovative capabilities as a globally renowned high precision alloy specialist. The company have remained devoted to their roots in Dillenburg, Germany ever since the company was founded in 1728. Therefore, the production of thermocouple wire and other precision alloys still takes place in Germany.


Typical applications

Because of the high-quality standards and the large production capacity our partner Okazaki produces their renown mineral insulated cables with high precision thermocouple wire provided by Isabellenhütte.

Bare TC Wire

Isabellenhütte poduces high precision thermocouple wire ever since the company was founded. The thermocouple wires of type K, N, J, E and T are sold through Kamet and are supplied with full class 1 certification.

Thermocouple rods

Thermocouple rods have the same characteristics as thermocouple wires but are supplied in straight lengths of 2200mm. The diameters of the thermocouple rods Kamet keep in stock vary from 4.0 to 10.0mm.

Innovation by tradition

Isabellenhütte have been melting metals since the middle ages and is continuously innovating its production process. It may therefore come as no surprise Isabellenhütte operates under the slogan ‘Innovation by tradition’.

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