Okazaki, our manufacturer of Mineral Insulated cable

We are very proud to have Okazaki Manufacturing Company as our partner for mineral insulated thermocouple, RTD and heater cable. Okazaki has experience in producing MI cable since 1954 and has been fine-tuning and perfecting the process ever since. Okazaki works closely with Isabellenhütte, and other renown Japanese companies to guarantee the outcome of class 1 and better for its MI cables. The mineral insulated cable that Okazaki produces is sold by Kamet under the trademark AerOpak®.


“Okazaki is the only company that leads the world in the fields of temperature and heat.”


Okazaki’s head office is located in the city of Kobe in Japan, but production takes place in six different Okazaki factories. The factories are located in Japanese cities Akashi, Kobe-Iwaoka, Kobe-Nishi, Fukuoka and Kyusyu. Each of them has a different specialization, such as mineral insulated heater cable and temperature sensor manufacturing for the automotive industry.

Continuous development

Okazaki is actively promoting further technology development and making efforts to contribute to industrial progress and social advancement. An example of this would be the creation of the world’s thinnest MI with an outside diameter of 0.08 mm. This achievement has been recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records.

MI Cable

Okazaki Manufacturing Company has an extensive production capacity for the production of the AerOpak® mineral insulated cable. The AerOpak® mineral insulated cable in Europe is sold through Kamet.

Mineral insulated heating cables

The mineral insulated heating cables, produced by Okazaki, and sold by Kamet, are designed for applications such as frost protection, temperature maintenance and temperature increase.


Every single coil of each batch MI cable, manufactured by Okazaki is calibrated to ensure IEC60584-2 class 1, ASTM E230 special limits or AMS2750 E. Traceability is assured on every AerOpak® MI cable Kamet has in stock.

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