Pt100 sensors

Another device to measure temperature is a Pt100 sensor, also called RTD or platinum sensor. Pt100 sensors have a resistance of 100 Ohms at 0 °C. A platinum sensor changes its resistance value when temperature changes. The relationship between resistance and temperature is relatively linear, resulting in Pt100 sensors to be extremely accurate for a certain set temperature. Temperature ranges vary from -200 to + 800°C. Kamet offers two types of Pt100 elements: thinfilm and ceramic wirewound.

Kamet is the official reseller of Pt100 thinfilm sensors from Heraeus Nexensos, the world leading company in thinfilm technology.

Kamet has a wide range of Pt100 resistors in stock. The RTD sensors have different resistance values varying from Pt50, Pt200, Pt500 and Pt1000. Our platinum resistors can operate between -200°C and + 800°C. The Pt100 sensors that we stock are available in accuracy class A, B, 1/3 DIN B, 1/5 DIN B and 1/10 DIN B. The sensors are available in all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, customized Pt100 elements, such as Pt100 thinfilm sensors with extended insulated wires, can also be supplied.

For even higher temperatures up to 850°C, ceramic wirewound RTDs are often used. Ceramic wirewound RTDs are hand-made in a very delicate production process. When correctly housed, detectors from RTD are capable of withstanding vibration, and acceleration of up to 40G.

Thinfilm pt100

Thin film platinum elements are constructed by placing a sensing layer of platinum on a ceramic substrate, covered with passivation glass layers. This results in excellent shock & vibration resistance and protects the Pt sensor element from environmental influences.

Ceramic wirewound Pt100

The platinum wire of a ceramic wirewound Pt100 sensor is wound into a small coil which is inserted into the holes of a high purity alumina tube. The ODs of these high purity alumina tube vary from 0.8mm to 4.5mm, so they are even suitable for the thinnest RTD mineral insulated cables.

SMD platinum Pt100

The SMD (surface mounted devices) Pt100 sensor is specifically designed to fit on PCBs (printed circuit boards) and forms the active measurement element on a PCB. The SMD Pt100 sensors are mainly used for automatic assembly in large-scale applications.

Heraeus Nexensos

Heraeus Nexensos produces high-quality thinfilms and PCBs. Heraeus supplies us a wide selection of Pt temperature sensors for different applications. The thinfilm sensors are available in a wide range of tolerances, varying from class B up to 1/10 DIN.

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RTD Products

RTD products is our main supplier for ceramic wirewound RTDs. All ceramic wirewound RTDs are manufactured in the UK.

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