Siccet, for temperature sensor cables

Italian manufacturer Siccet is our partner for thermocouple, extension, compensating cable and RTD cable. Family-owned company Siccet was founded in 1977 and currently has numerous production lines that are used to produce thermocouple, extension and compensating cable in all shapes and sizes. Siccet produced thermocouple cables and RTD cables from the start and temperature is still their core business today.






Siccet is our partner for the production of thermocouple, extension, compensating & RTD cables for temperature sensors and highly specialized cables.

Due to continuous innovation in production processes and investing in research into new materials, such as Fluopolymer, Silicon, PVC, Glassfiber and Ceramic fiber, Siccet has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of thermocouple compensating and extension cable.





15,000,000 metres of thermocouple compensating cable

Siccet manufactured a staggering amount of 15,000,000 metres of thermocouple cable, extension cable, compensating cable, RTD cable and other special cable in 2018. This amount is as much as the distance between Amsterdam and Perth, Australia. Kamet is a proud partner of Siccet and helps out European manufacturers of industrial temperature sensors in supplying the compensating and extension cable.





Siccet Products

Thermocouple compensating cable

Thermocouple, extension and compensating cable manufactured by Siccet comes in all shapes and sizes and has different grades. More information on Siccet cable can be found on our product page.





RTD extension cable

RTD cable, manufactured by Siccet, can be supplied in silver-plated, nickel-plated, tin-plated & pure copper. Usage highly depends on the application of course.





Multi-pair thermocouple cables

Multi-pair thermocouple cables consist of groups of insulated thermocouple wires that are twisted in pairs and bundled together in the same form as multiconductor cables. Siccet has a large number of machines, specifically designed for the production of multi-pair cables.





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