Thermocouple, extension and compensating cable


Our partner for temperature sensor cables

Kamet is an official partner for thermocouple, extension and compensating cable from Italian manufacturer Siccet. These are types of cable used to extend a signal from a thermocouple to a measuring instrument. When these cables are made of the original material used for the thermocouple or RTD then they are called thermocouple or extension cables (depending on the grade). When these cables run long distances, through ambient temperatures, then a cable that is comparable in accuracy yet made from more cost-effective materials, is preferable. This is the thermocouple compensating grade of cable.

In Siccet, Kamet has found the ideal partner for these cables. With a very high production capacity (15 million metres of cable a year!), by partnering with Siccet, Kamet can supply competitively priced cables in bulk for our customers.

A family-owned company, Siccet was founded in 1977 and currently has numerous production lines that are used to manufacture thermocouple, extension and compensating cable in a range of shapes and sizes. Siccet was producing thermocouple cables and RTD cables from the start and temperature is still their core business today. Their reliability, capacity and years of specialized expertise make them an excellent partner for Kamet.

Our Siccet products

Siccet’s ISO 9001 certified cable comes in three grades: thermocouple grade, extension grade, and compensation grade.

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Thermocouple grade

Thermocouple grade means the alloy is exactly the same as the alloy in the temperature sensor and therefore functions similarly to the thermocouple/RTD. In this grade we stock Siccet’s RTD or thermocouple cables in silver-plated, nickel-plated, tin-plated & pure copper. The choice of material depends on the application of course.

RTD cable

Extension grade

Extension grade cables have the same nominal composition as the thermocouple or RTD cable, but are calibrated as class 1 up to 200°C in accordance with DIN 43710. They are indicated by adding the letter ‘x’.

Softcable wires

Compensation grade

Compensation grade cable (compensating cable) has a different nominal composition than thermocouple cable and is made using more economical materials. They are also more flexible. These cables are  indicated by the letter ‘C’.

Kamet stocks a wide range of  Siccet’s  thermocouple, extension and compensating cable for all types of thermocouples. These are available with a variety of insulation materials: PVC, Silicon, PTFE, MFA, PFA, Fiberglass and Ceramic fiber. Stainless steel braiding can be used to protect the insulation material in adverse industrial environments, thus offering better mechanical protection.

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Multi-pair thermocouple cables

Multi-pair thermocouple cables consist of groups of insulated thermocouple wires that are twisted in pairs and bundled together in the same form as multi-conductor cables. Siccet has a large number of machines, specifically designed for the production of multi-pair cables.

There is a weekly shipment of cable from Siccet to Kamet to ensure a reliable and constant cable flow that both Kamet and our customers can count on.

Industrial Applications

Thermocouple/RTD cables, extension cables and compensating cables are used in a wide range of industries. In recognition of the quality of Siccet’s products, they have developed a significant client-base with end-users in the following areas:

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Energy
  • Food industry
  • Metal working industry
  • Oil and gas
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Siccet, a quality partner

The work-ethic of this long-standing family company overlaps with that of Kamet in a number of ways. From the start they have aimed to be experts in their product field, they are dedicated to excellence in customer service and continuously invest in innovation and improvement of both the products and production processes.

Further characteristics that we value in Siccet include:

  • For more than 30 years their focus has been on this specific range of temperature cables, as such they have become experts in both quality and quantity production.
  • On account of the huge manufacturing facility, bulk orders for large projects are no problem.
  • Siccet invests in the newest machinery, keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies.
  • Due to their production capacity, delivery times are excellent..
  • The fact that through Siccet we can offer our customers high-quality cables at competitive prices.

For more information about Siccet

To know more about Kamet’s range of Siccet products you can read our product page or reach out to one of our in-house experts with any questions you might have.

Visit the Siccet website