Thermocouple wire

The original method to measure temperature is to combine two dissimilar alloys together at the sensing end by welding. When properly joined, a thermo-electric current is produced that can be read to determine temperature (Seebeck effect). Sometimes this method of temperature measurement is still the more cost-effective method. Typically, the thermocouple will be insulated with ceramic beads and placed in a stainless, kanthal or Inconel tubes.

Kamet has a large stock of all types of thermocouple wires. Even type S, R and B thermocouple wires can be supplied directly from stock

Kamet has a wide range of the most commonly used thermocouple alloys, with diameters ranging from Ø 0.1 up to Ø 3.26 mm or more in stock. We are able to supply thermocouple wire type E, J, K, N and T, but also type C and D. Furthermore, we can supply noble metals like thermocouple wire type S, R and B. We have many alloys available from stock to ensure fast delivery times and low minimum order quantities.

Type K thermocouple wire

Type K thermocouple wire (NiCr-Ni) is still the most commonly used thermocouple wire. The type K thermocouple has a good resistance against oxidation and is recommended for oxidizing and inert atmospheres. Kamet has a broad range of type K thermocouple wires in different diameters in stock.

Type N thermocouple wire

Type N thermocouple wire (NiCr-NiSil) is a popular choice for the higher temperatures. The type N thermocouple is produced with Silicium so it will have a long lifetime due to the improved oxidation resistance of the negative leg. Also type N thermocouple wires can be supplied directly from stock.

Type S thermocouple wire

Type S thermocouple wire (Pt10%Rh) is used in applications with extreme temperatures (max 1600⁰C). Kamet has a broad range of type S thermocouple wires in different diameters in stock. Furthermore, also type B and type R thermocouple wires can be supplied directly from stock.

Type C & Type D thermocouple wire

Type C (Tungsten 5% Rhenium, Tungsten 26% Rhenium wire) & Type D (Tungsten 3% Rhenium, Tungsten 25% Rhenium wire) thermocouple wires are suited for measurements up to 2320 °C range. Type C & D thermocouples are well-suited for vacuum furnaces at extremely high temperatures.


Our German partner Isabellenhütte has been producing thermocouple wires since 1728. We are an official partner of Isabellenhütte for thermocouple wires type K, N, J, E & T. Isabellenhütte is one of the suppliers for the thermocouple wires in the Okazaki AerOpak© mineral insulated thermocouple cables.

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Concept alloys

Concept alloys is our American partner for Type C & D thermocouple wire. Concept Alloys closely cooperates with ARI industries as well for all their specialized high temperature sensors.

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