Thermocouple, extension and compensating cable


Our partner for bespoke special cables

Sami, a Milan-based cable manufacturer, has been producing specialized wires and cables for over 40 years. Through our partnership with Sami, Kamet is able to offer her customers customized high performance (thermocouple) cables , contributing to a competitive advantage for even the most demanding applications.

The work we do with Sami is often project-based, with Sami making their in-house expertise available for the whole process from research and design to testing and production of bespoke cables with full quality control.

A range of options

Customized thermocouple (extension) cable offered through Sami allows for a variety of design options. These include flexibility, miniaturization, single- and multicore constructions and/or ribbon, flat, coaxial or spiral style cable constructions. Each of these offer different benefits depending on the application.

A range of sheath materials can be added to create cables with excellent resistance to one or more of the following:

  • chemical agents
  • fire (1110°C)
  • oils
  • moisture
  • moulds
  • acids
  • mechanical stress
  • abrasion
  • electromagnetic interference

The kinds of materials used to achieve this include Fluoropolymers, Technopolymers, Silicon Rubber, Low Smoke Zero Halogen materials and a wide range of Thermoplastics & Thermoplastic Elastomers (majority of these cables are UL/CSA approved). Furthermore, a variety of alloys may be chosen to make armoured and coaxial thermocouple cables.

As experts in connection wiring for thermoresistance, Sami offers an extensive range of conductor wire sizes from 0,013 mm² (7 x 0,05 mm) and up to 240 mm² in low voltage cables.

Single core

Single core cable

Multi core cable

Multicore cable


Armoured cable


Protection to chemicals


Coaxial cable


Cables UL/CSA


Railway rolling stock cable


Thermocouple cable


Fire restistance


Fibre Optic cable


Spiral cables

Underwater cables

Underwater cables

Sami’s quality control

Production takes place in accordance with strict quality control protocols and processes. Both their standard as well as the customized end products are provided with the appropriate certifications, depending on the intended application and country of use. Some examples include: ISO 9001, UL/CSA, CE, ATEX, DIN.

A full list of certifications can be found on Sami’s website.

A trusted partner for various critical industries

Sami’s production methods are of such high standards that they have achieved the approvals necessary to supply to the military and mass transit organisations of various countries. Furthermore, they supply the electronic industry where high quality is an essential requirement for durable components. Other industries for which Sami has produces bespoke products include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive industry
  • Engineering
  • Electrical motors
  • Power Generation Industry

Company qualities

On this page we have introduced you to Sami’s expertise and excellence. This combined with their extensive experience in producing cables for extremely challenging environments makes them a perfect partner for Kamet. Furthermore our two companies share a problem-solving work ethic, meaning we are only satisfied when every customer has been offered a solution to their thermal challenge, while taking budget and certification requirements into consideration.

Furthermore Sami offers:

  • Excellent systems of batch tracing
  • Fast response times
  • Clear communication with precise information about the development or production stage of any order.
You can read more about Sami on their website.

More information about Sami

In order to explore the possibilities for your (customized) cable needs please contact our expert team. You can be assured of a quick response.

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