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Precious metal sensor components

Precious metal thermocouple wires and cables are typically used to measure temperature in extreme environments up to 1850°C. These thermocouples are known for being chemically inert, highly conductive, resistant to corrosion and are characterized by a long life cycle, high accuracy and temperature measurement consistency. As such, precious metal thermocouples contribute to reducing downtime and thus increasing productivity.

The glass, metal and semiconductor industries are examples of applications where precious metal components are often chosen.

Kamet supplies a range of precious metal components.

  • Mineral insulated (MI) cable with platinum-rhodium alloys as sheath material
  • Type S, R and B as bare wire
  • High temperature thermocouple with platinum wire and/or sheath

Which precious metals components do we supply and how?

Depending on the application, thermocouple wires and cables of different kinds of precious metals (alloys) are used such as platinum, rhodium and iridium alloys.
Our high quality, precious metal thermocouples include thermocouple type S (Pt13%Rh-Pt), type R (Pt10%Rh-Pt) and type B (Pt30%Rh-Pt6%Rh). We also supply type S, R and B wires in MI cable.

Type R and S are excellent for oxidizing or inert atmospheres up to 1400 °C. For temperatures up to 1700°C, thermocouples or cables containing type B is recommended.

Kamet also offers custom made products from precious metals, some examples include:

  • we can supply bespoke thermocouples to ensure an exact match with your application
  • special limits wire is offered in a variety of materials and diameters, produced with especially tight tolerances.

Get in contact with our engineers today for help with your (customized) product questions.

High temperature thermocouples

Other solutions for high temperature applications

The prices of precious metals can sometimes make components prohibitively expensive for customers. Kamet is pleased to offer a more cost-effective solution in the form of thermocouples wire types C and D.

These can be used in extremely high temperature applications (up to 2300°C). The exotic thermocouples can furthermore be made resistant to vacuum, inert, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres by using MI sheath materials such as molybdenum, tantalum and/or platinum alloys. Examples of use include vacuum furnaces, gas furnaces, high temperature ovens and reaction furnaces. More about these thermocouple wire can be found on the product page.


One of the unique properties of precious metals, such as platinum, rhodium and palladium is that they can be recycled without quality loss. Due to limited raw material reserves, the recycling & refining of precious metals has become increasingly important.

In collaboration with our sister company, IAM Drijfhout, Kamet offers an advantageous recycling service to refine precious metals from used (temperature measurement) products.
Aside from reducing the negative impact on the environment, recycling and refining is also attractive from an economic point of view, due to the high market value of precious metals.

Our recycling services is as follows:

  • The metal is weighed on a calibrated scale.
  • A material analysis is performed to determine the different elements of the batch.
  • Based on this analysis, the best recycling and refining procedure can be determined to retrieve the pure precious metals.
  • Even from contaminated precious metals, an estimated yield can be calculated.
  • IAM Drijfhout provides a credit note for the precious metal that is returned.
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