Thermocouple connectors

In temperature measuring circuits, thermocouple connectors are used as an extension of the thermocouple wire to accurately transmit temperature and voltage readings to instrumentation (a computer or meter).

A vast range of connectors are available, each specialised for a particular thermocouple and the sometimes adverse environmental conditions it is used in.

The ISA colour coded connector body ensures easy identification and the use of thermocouple compatible materials eliminates measurement error.

Thermocouple connectors from Hamitherm

Product overview

We offer a broad range of miniature and standard thermocouple connectors: plugs, jacks, sockets, panels and accessories. Customers can choose from a variety of materials to ensure the connector can withstand their industry’s specific environmental conditions.

With the exception of the budget range, all brackets, plates and screws are made of durable stainless steel. Our RTD plugs and jacks, as well as the full range of thermocouple connectors are available in all standard ISA and ASTM / ANSI / ISA colour codes.

Hamitherm Miniature connectors overview

Hamitherm our partner for thermocouple connectors and accessories

The Dutch company, Hamitherm is our partner in thermocouple connectors and accessories. They are Europe’s leading manufacturer in this field and are known for their first class products. Not only do we value them as a partner due to their dedication to quality, but also because they offer exceptional service and work closely with us for any customization requests. Hamitherm products are certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Thanks to our extensive supply of stock we are able to deliver standard products at short notice. At Kamet our know-how and expertise are one of our most important products, so feel free to contact us for advice in choosing the right thermocouple connectors for your situation.

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