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Mineral insulated cable, exotic thermocouples, Pt100 sensors, thermocouple wire and more

Mineral insulated thermocouple & RTD-cable

Mineral insulated thermocouple cable

Kamet has a wide range of Okazaki Mineral insulated cable in stock in all shapes and sizes. Our MI cables are sheathed with material varying from Inconel to different types of stainless steel. Our MI cables are fully traceable and are available as thermocouple cable and RTD-cable

MI cables TC cable
Sensors for high and very low temperatures from -200°C up to + 850°C.

Pt100 sensors

Kamet has a wide range of Pt100 resistors in stock.  From Pt50, Pt500 and Pt1000. The Pt100 sensors that we stock are available in accuracy class A, B, 1/3 DIN B, 1/5 DIN B and 1/10 DIN B. Customized Pt100 elements, such as Pt100 thin film sensors with extended insulated wires, can also be supplied.

Pt100 sensors
High temperature sensors to withstand extreme temperatures

High temperature thermocouples

Kamet offers thermocouples specifically designed for hazardous environments. The high temperature thermocouples that can withstand the extreme temperatures in these environments are usually Type R, S, B, C or D thermocouples. All thermocouples are fully traceable.

MULTi cable kamet

Thermocouple, extension and compensation cables

Kamet has a wide range of thermocouple, extension and compensating cable for all types of thermocouples. We have an extensive stock with insulation material varying from PVC, Silicon, PTFE, MFA, PFA, Fiberglass and Ceramic fiber. Special dimensions or customized designs such as multipair cables can be produced upon request.

Soft cable
Thermocouple bare wires

Thermocouple wires

Kamet has a wide range of the most commonly used thermocouple alloys, with diameters ranging from Ø 0.1 up to Ø 3.26 mm or more in stock. We are able to supply thermocouple wire type E, J, K, N and T, but also type C and D.

Thermocouple wires
connection heads

Connection Heads

Our metal connection heads are available in brass, cast iron, stainless steel and aluminium and have a typical temperature range of -40 to 150ºC. Most of the metal connection heads can be provided with an epoxy coating for extra corrosion resistance.

Connection Heads

Your connection to the high temperature world

Kamet is your supplier of the Pt100 sensormineral insulated thermocouple cable  and RTD Cable and other high-quality components for industrial temperature sensors in Europe and beyond. With on-time delivery, smart logistics and excellent quality, Kamet strives to be a trustworthy partner for industries where high temperatures are key focus. We supply excellent products from top class manufacturers, with whom we continuously strive to improve our products and service.