Mineral Insulated RTD-cable

We have an extensive stock (over 200KM) of Okazaki AerOpak® mineral insulated RTD-cable in our warehouse. The Copper, Copper-Nickel, Nickel, nickel-chromium or Constantan alloys in the MI cable provide a stable transmission of the signal and our two different designs (wide-spaced and regular spaced) guarantee efficient mounting for either method. Our mineral insulated RTD cables are typically sheathed with material varying from Inconel to different types of stainless steel.

The available types of MI RTD cable

RTD copper conductors
RTD nickel conductors
RTD inconel conductors
RTD constantan conductors
Copper conductors

Copper conductors have a very stable resistance vs temperature relation

Nickel conductors

Due to its higher annealing temperature, RTD cable with nickel conductors can be used at high temperatures

Inconel conductors

Inconel 600 (2.3816) conductors have a high corrosion resistance

Constantan conductors

Mineral insulated RTD cable with constantan conductors is a perfect choice for temperature measurements up to 650°C.

What is MI RTD cable

Mineral insulated RTD cables are used in combination with a thin film or wirewound ceramic resistor Pt100 element. The principle of an RTD is that resistance value changes as its temperature changes. RTD pt100 sensors are used to measure temperatures extremely accurate in a certain set temperature range. This range can vary from -200° C to + 850° C. Since the resistors are very delicate, they are often placed in a mineral insulated RTD cable to ensure protection and stability.

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