(Photo) Lithography for semiconductor applications

Your engineering partner in high-end mineral insulated heating solutions for a challenging world

We are expert and innovative solution seekers for high-end heating applications. Over the years,  Kamet has become the trusted partner for many companies with heating challenges because we:

  • offer technical specialists for every kind of (mineral insulted) heating project
  • collaborate with our producers and knowledge partners to ensure the most high-performance solutions
  • innovate continually and keep up with all the latest product developments, thus making us a ‘future-proof’ company
  • specialize in custom-made solutions: “You need it, we can make it!”
  • design heating solutions for all high-end applications whether a project is big or small
  • pride ourselves in our exceptional service and technical support
  • bring to each project our experience in many projects in the heating world

It is these key characteristics of Kamet that have made us the chosen supplier for some of Europe’s leading aerospace and semiconductor industries. We are also active in the following sectors: research, nuclear, automotive, oil and gas.

Steps in our project approach

  1. You have a thermal challenge and contacts Kamet.
  2. Together with you we gather all necessary information about the issues and the application environment.
  3. A meeting is planned with the engineering department from our partners (conference call).
  4. Information exchange between all parties involved takes place until the perfect solution is found.
  5. You receive a quotation for your project.
  6. Prototyping takes place if necessary.
  7. The production process starts (either once off or as a long-term supply).
  8. Shipment with Track & Trace from Kamet to you.

In general it takes two weeks up to quotation and after production products are within 1 to 5 workdays at your location. Production and or prototyping time varies due to materials used and amount needed.

We will always advise you if it is necessary and beneficial to start with a prototyping phase. This is mainly due to the cost of the prototyping phase. Because of materials used it is sometimes more economical to choose for serie production than prototyping. We are always transparent about the costs of a project, your budget and timeline will determine the outcome.

Kamet’s service

We consider our approach to projects combined with our in-house knowledge and expertise as our most important product. All of these translate into exceptional customer service and project partnership as Kamet Heating service captured five key strengths:

1. Complete solutions

Together with our engineers we focus on delivering complete solutions and technical support during and after the project

2. Stock

We have extensive stock in our warehouse of standard items. This gives us the change to deliver items on short notice.

3. Service and consulting

We are committed to developing long term relationships and help our customers from development to use phase.

4. High quality and knowledge

Our focus is on high-end mineral insulated solutions and to deliver this we educate ourselves to have knowledge of various high-tech industries. Furthermore our manufacturers have over 50 years of experience in mineral insulated solutions and are renowned for their quality.

5. Value adding partners

We have close relations with partners for high-end soldering and brazing, to complete your heating solution.

Aside from this general overview there are specific Kamet traits that you can look forward to when working with us. These include:

  • A multilingual team with English as our main business language.
  • A quick response time and clear communication.
  • Transparency
  • A willingness to take also take smaller projects on board.
  • Flexibility, for example:
    – Should we keep a supply of stock for a client to minimize lead times or do they prefer that we make products to order?
    – Is it better for the project that we deliver a complete heating assembly or a semi-finished product?
  • Reliability: if we say we can help you, you can be sure that we will find a solution to your thermal challenge.
  • Limitless solutions due to our company’s innovative work ethic and problem solving attitude.
  • High quality parts from our product partners.
  • Expert team members who bring to each project their skills as well as years of experience in high-end heating solutions.

In summary, it’s these characteristics of Kamet Heating that make us, to quote one of our customers, “easy to do business with”.

Kamet’s Mineral insulted Heating Products and Projects

As mentioned before  our greatest product is our expertise, experience and extensive knowledge. Our engineers strive to translate this know how into custom heating solutions for our clients.

Kamet also stocks a wide variety of high quality mineral insulted heating products which can be used in thermal projects from different industries and environments. To this end we have an exclusive partnership with ARi an international company with over 50 years in mineral insulated solutions.

Any of these heaters can also be delivered already soldered or welded onto a plate or tube.

Products include:

This introduction to Kamet Heating would not be complete without some practical examples or our past projects and heating solutions:  

EUV lithography machine

Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Litography machines are used mainly for fabricating chips. Very hot tin plasma is used to produce EUV and heaters keep the tin liquid during the process.

Mars curiosity rover

The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) tool has three instruments that search and measure organic chemicals and light elements potentially associated with life. It holds an oven that heat rock samples to about 1000C to extract gases for analysis

Thin film systems

Mineral insulated heating elements are used for various thin film deposition systems. High temperatures are needed to evaporate certain materials to form a thin film on solid materials. Thin film devices are, for example, OLED’s, batteries or solar cells.

Cryogenic systems

Mineral insulated heating cable is used for various cryogenic systems. For example, heating cable is used for conducting signals in dilution refrigerators. These systems provides continuous cooling to temperatures as low as 2 mK and are used for technologies like supercomputers.

Do you have a thermal project and want to work with Kamet?

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