High temperature thermocouples

Kamet offers thermocouples specifically designed for hazardous environments. The high temperature thermocouples that can withstand the extreme temperatures in these environments are usually Type R, S, B, C or D thermocouples. Sheath materials that are produced for these high temperature applications are Molybdenum, Tantalum, Tungsten 3% Rhenium, Pt10%Rh and Pt20%Rh.

High temperature thermocouple wires

Type C and Type D

Tungsten Rhenium Alloys Type C and Type D thermocouples are used in vacuum, reducing or inert atmospheres up to 2871°C.

Type S

The temperature range of type S, Pt10%Rh-Pt thermocouples is -50°C ..+1480°C.

Type B

The temperature range of type B, Pt30%Rh-Pt6%Rh thermocouples is -870°C ..+1700°C.

Type R

The temperature range of type R, Pt10%Rh-Pt thermocouples is -50°C ..+1480°C.

Applications where the thermocouples are being used can vary from gas furnaces and high temperature ovens to vacuum furnaces and reaction furnaces. The high temperature thermocouples produced by ARi Industries are insulated with material varying from Magnesium oxide, Alumina oxide to Hafnium oxide. These insulation materials provide long term stability to the thermocouples.

Why choose for ARi Industries high temperature thermocouples from Kamet?

  • Cost efficient options for oxidizing environments up to 1700°C
  • Robust hot junction on Type C & D through patented wire wrap / welding procedure
  • Custom material combination and sizes to meet demanding applications
  • Special non-destructive testing with ARi standards, traceable to US NIST
  • ARi is the industry pioneer due to 60+ years of knowledge and experience