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Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable

The trademark AerOpak is sold under the banner of Kamet and produced by Okazaki. This manufacturer is worldwide known for its reliability and quality. We at Kamet work closely with Okazaki and other partners like Isabellenhütte to ensure quality and guarantee the outcome of class 1, or better, for our available mineral insulated cable.

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Mineral insulated thermocouple & RTD-cable

Mineral Insulated RTD-cable

AerOpak® is our trademark for our mineral insulated RTD cable sold by Kamet Trading. Every coil supplied includes a 3.1 certificate to ensure full traceability of all raw materials.

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High temperature thermocouples

High temperature thermocouples

We offer custom material combination and sizes to meet demanding applications. We work with ARi industries for these high temperature thermocouples. ARi is the industry pioneer due to 60+ years of knowledge and experience. In the product datasheet is displayed which options per thermocouple are available or customizable.

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Type K wire datasheet

Type K, also known as a NiCr-Ni thermocouple, is made up of two conductors, a nickel-chrome alloy (positive leg) and a predominantly nickel alloy (negative leg). The type K thermocouple is inexpensive and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

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Type N wire datasheet

Type N, also known as a NiCrSil-NiSil thermocouple, is made of two nickel alloy conductors. A Nicorsil (positive) leg and a Nisil (negative) leg. Where a type K thermocouple shows cumulative instability above 900°C, the Type N exhibits thermal stability.

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Thermocouple wires - type C & D

Type C & D datasheet

Thermocouple type C and type D are designed for use in extreme environments, beyond the capabilities of platinum. Examples include: vacuum furnaces, rocket engines and ovens.

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Pyrosil Datasheet

Pyrosil D® is a specialized nickel-chromium alloy designed for use as a heat resistant sheath material for thermocouples that are used at extremely high temperatures: up to a maximum of 1250°C for continuous use. The chemical nature and physical characteristics of Pyrosil D® allow it to withstand challenging environments as it is corrosion resistant and has excellent strength.

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Industrial Heating elements brochure

Mineral insulated heating elements

Kamet offers a wide range of high-end mineral insulated heating elements and/or assemblies. We are specialists in providing (custom) heating solutions no matter how challenging the process or environment. Consult our brochure for our heating elements and their products specs.

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Aerospace heating & mineral insulated solutions

Kamet Heating is a supplier of mineral insulated solutions and we are specialized in supplying the aerospace industry. We offer a diverse range of mineral insulated products for this sector, such as cathode heaters and special conductor cable for propulsion ion thrusters.

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