Thermocouple, extension and compensating cable

Thermocouple, extension and compensating cables

Thermocouple extension and compensating cable are types of thermocouple cable used to extend a signal from a thermocouple to a measuring instrument. Thermocouple extension and compensating cables can be divided into three grades:

  • thermocouple grade
  • extension grade
  • compensation grade

Thermocouple extension and compensating cables are usually insulated with material varying from PVC, Silicon, PFA and Glass fiber. The extension and compensation cables have flexible insulation material, so it can easily be installed at sites with many bends.

Kamet is an official partner for thermocouple, extension and compensating cable from Italian manufacturer Siccet.

Kamet has a wide range of thermocouple, extension and compensating cable for all types of thermocouples. We have an extensive stock with insulation material varying from PVC, Silicon, PTFE, MFA, PFA, Fiberglass and Ceramic fiber. Special dimensions or customized designs such as multipair cables can be produced upon request.

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Usage of extension and compensation cables

In some applications, a thermocouple is located in a pipeline distanced from a measuring instrument in a control center. The thermocouple signal therefore sometimes runs through an entire factory. In these cases, lower-priced material is required in order to transmit the signal from a thermocouple to a measuring instrument. The inexpensive alloys used for thermocouple compensating cables slightly differ from the actual more expensive thermocouple alloy. Kamet uses three different grades for cable; thermocouple grade, extension grade, and compensating grade.

Mechanical protection

Sometimes a thermocouple, extension or compensating cable is used in an unprotected industrial environment. In these cases, the insulation material is protected by a stainless steel braiding offering better mechanical protection.

Explanation of the three grades in cable

thermocouple grade k

Thermocouple grade

Thermocouple grade means the alloy is exactly the same as the alloy in the temperature sensor and therefore functions similar as a thermocouple.

Extensions grade k

Extension grade

Extension grade compensating cables have the same nominal composition of a thermocouple cable, but are calibrated as class 1 up to 200°C in accordance with DIN 43710.

compenstaion grade Kc

Compensation grade

Compensation grade compensating cable has a different nominal composition than thermocouple cable. They can be recognized with character C.

More information

What is the difference between solid conductors and stranded conductors?

For thermocouple extension and compensation cable we distinguish 2 types of conductors: stranded and solid conductors.
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Our thermocouple, extension and compensating cables are produced by our Italian partner Siccet. Siccet has numerous production lines and invests a lot in new machinery to improve their production capacity. The same applies to new production technologies in order to stay ahead of the game. Innovation, development and new solutions are key to Siccet’ s strategic market approach.

There is a weekly shipment of cable from Siccet to Kamet to ensure a reliable and constant cable flow that both Kamet and our customer can count on.

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