Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable

A mineral insulated thermocouple cable consists of two conductors (sometimes even four or six) of dissimilar metals. These conductors are joined on the side on which temperature should be measured (hot junction). When properly joined, a voltage is produced that can be read to determine temperature. The dissimilar metals are insulated with high quality magnesium oxide and covered with a corrosion resistant sheath material, such as Inconel or Stainless steel. Mineral insulated thermocouples can provide stable temperature measurement readings and are often used for high temperatures (up to 1250⁰C) in hazardous environments.

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Kamet has over 600,000 metres of Okazaki mineral insulated thermocouple cable in stock.

We keep an extensive stock (over 600,000 metres) of Okazaki mineral insulated thermocouple cable, also called MI cables, (Type K, J, T, N, E, S, R, B) in our warehouse. Our MI cables are sheathed with material varying from Inconel to different types of stainless steel. Also, the more exotic sheath materials, such as Pt10%Rh, Hastelloy X, and Pyrosil are available. Our customers typically are manufacturers of industrial temperature sensors.

Decoding our product description

To enable our customers decoding our product description, we have created a decipher tool. This tool makes it easier to comprehend the product descriptions of our mineral insulated thermocouple cable. Check our brochure for more information.

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Class 1 or even higher accuracy

Kamet keeps a wide range of mineral insulated thermocouple cables in stock. Each coil in our warehouse is calibrated to ensure full traceability, and to guarantee class 1 or even higher accuracy.

AMS2750D/E required

In some industries, such as the aerospace industry, calibration according to AMS2750D/E is required. This means a mineral thermocouple is calibrated at the 2 ends, with a maximum tolerance of 1.1⁰C.


Okazaki has over 60 years of experience in producing MI cable. All the MI cables are calibrated separately to ensure full traceability of the MI cables. Our standard MI cable is always produced in class 1 or higher. For most thermocouples we can supply an ASTM E230 special limits certificate upon request. Furthermore, we also stock Mineral insulated cable that is calibrated according to AMS2750D/E standards for the aerospace industry.


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