Mineral insulated heating for research institutes

Providing highly localised and controllable heating with low power consumption is critical for a range of research applications. This applies both to work in the laboratories of research facilities as well as during field work where resources might be limited and large heaters can be impractical, inconsistent and unreliable. The variety in thermal challenges for researchers is as varied as the analytical and life science fields for which they are used. Mineral insulated heating elements and  heating cable are a welcome solution for many research institutes.

Advantages and usage of MI heating

Research institutes run projects for various industries. The micro heaters and heating cables offered by Kamet have a number of advantageous characteristics that can be relevant to this work including:

  • Precision temperature control
  • High accuracy over a range of temperatures
  • Small and flexibility to fit in intricate, small spaces
  • Resistance to challenging environments including high temperatures, corrosive atmospheres and high pressures or vacuums
  • Power efficient: heat is generated exactly where required, reducing power consumption
  • Short thermal response times when heating is only required for very brief, intermittent periods
  • Easy to braze

A few examples of research areas where MI heating has been shown to offer significant improvements:

  • Battery testing
  • Fluid tank level indicators
  • Isotope separators
  • DNA analysis
  • Micro scale sensing experiments
  • Gas detection
  • Diagnostic technologies
  • Semiconductor applications
  • Nuclear fusion research

Heating solutions for Nuclear Research

Heating solutions for science projects

MI products and solutions

The range of potential for using MI heating solutions in research is vast and the projects being run by research institutions reflect many different industries. However one of the most significant advantages to purchasing MI thermal solutions through Kamet is that our  in-house experts are available to work closely with clients in order to choose, design or customize the ideal heating solution for any thermal challenge. Kamet has many years of experience in the heating world and we have a history of  innovation and product development.

Kamet has partnered with two leading manufacturers of thermal solutions; Okazaki Manufacturing Company and ARi Industries.
Okazaki Manufacturing Company is the world’s largest heating cable manufacturer with a huge production capacity. Additionally, we offer mineral insulated heating cables produced by ARi Industries. ARi Industries is a leading supplier of customized mineral insulated cables and heating solutions, located in the USA.

Micro heaters

Custom-designed mineral insulated micro heaters, ideal for small and challenging environments. Ideal for small spaces where every nanometer counts. These bendable heaters feature a magnesium oxide layer for insulation and can function in high temperatures, low-oxygen, and corrosive conditions. They are used in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, research, and aerospace, with capabilities up to 1600°C. The micro heaters provide reliable, consistent heating with quick response rates and can be tailored for specific applications. Kamet emphasizes high-quality products and technical support for custom solutions.

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MI heating cable

Mineral insulated heating cables are designed for high-power heating in harsh environments. These cables feature metal conductors insulated with magnesium oxide and sheathed in materials like Inconel 600, Alloy 825, or stainless steel. The sheath makes them highly heat resistant. They provide consistent power output and can operate in temperatures up to 1000°C and are extremely flexible. These cables are produced in partnership with Okazaki Manufacturing Company and ARi Industries, ensuring high quality and customization options.

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