Connection Heads

Connection heads, sometimes referred to as protection heads, are an essential aspect in the design of an accurate thermocouple system. Connection heads provide protection for linking either a terminal (ceramic) block or a transmitter from the temperature sensor assembly (thermocouple or RTD) to the lead wire of the cable. Not only do connection heads provide protection but they also have an important function in temperature maintenance around the elements. Furthermore, they allow access to the thermocouples as well as the block or transmitter.

Since thermocouples are used in such a wide variety of industrial applications, the range of available protection head probes needs to match the varied demands of different industries and operating environments.

Kamet’s range of connection heads

Our metal connection heads are available in brass, cast iron, stainless steel and aluminium and have a typical temperature range of -40 to 150ºC. Most of the metal connection heads can be provided with an epoxy coating for extra corrosion resistance.

Kamet’s plastic range of connection heads generally provide excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand a maximum temperature that is determined by the material type: phenyl polioxide (130ºC), polypropylene (92ºC) or glass reinforced polyamide (80ºC).

Both the metal and plastic protection heads have certain properties that make them suited to particular environments: waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion or indoor/outdoor. Per material sort, we stock a range of connection heads with design variances for example in the maximum space for a transmitter as well as the access options: screw-cover, flip-top (easy access) or miniature style.

Standard aluminium connection head.jpg
PLASTIC HEADS connection head.jpg

Food and EX connection heads

Some of our connection head designs have been specifically specialized for

  • sanitary applications (food and pharmaceutical industry)
  • hazardous environments (increased safety by being flameproof and explosion resistant)

With all these variations and combinations, Kamet is able to provide the exact connection head match for your specific assembly and environment, as well as for most types of terminal blocks and transmitters.

EX approved heads

Quality, service and customization

Kamet has partnered with Limatherm to provide our customers with excellent connection head quality. Depending on the choice of product, Limatherm guarantees the appropriate certification and ratings e.g. ATEX, IECEx and IP68. Furthermore Limatherm offers custom made connection heads. With new machinery they have the possiblity to change their standard products to your requirements or produce components specialized to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

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At Kamet you can purchase connection heads as separate components or we can advise you on a full temperature sensor assembly.