Mineral insulated Heating for Aerospace industry

Kamet Heating is a supplier of mineral insulated solutions and we are specialized in supplying the aerospace industry. We offer a diverse range of electrical heating solutions for this sector, such as cathode heaters and special conductor cable for ion thrusters. Traceability is key: we test and certify all the parts of the product. Also, you benefit from our capability to supply data and perform a wide variety of recognized tests in house.

Aerospace challenges

Aerospace industries rely on small heaters in, for example, the extreme environment of propulsion systems. The outer diameter of microheaters are small, therefore these heaters can be installed onto a small heating body.

In addition micro heaters are tolerant for high temperature and high pressure. In response to the challenges presented y this industry we have been able to create microheaters that are now even capable of achieving temperatures up to 1400°C – 1600°C.

Heating solutions for aerospace

Kamet Heating is specialized in cathode heaters for ion thrusters. Ion thrusters are widely applied in propulsion systems that are used to adjust satellite trajectories and propel spacecrafts through the solar system. An ion thruster operates by ionizing propellant, resulting in positive ions and negative electrons called plasma. The positively charged plasma is generated in the cathodes, typically with a cathode heater wrapped around it to generate the excitation heat needed to start the plasma flow. Kamet Heating’s manufacturing partners Okazaki Manufacturing Company and ARi Industries are continuously pushing the boundaries for heaters to reach higher temperatures and achieve a higher number of cycles to that temperature.

Also, Kamet supplies various special conductor cables for heating in aerospace applications. The plasma created in ion thrusters has some of the properties of a gas, but it is strongly affected by electric and magnetic fields. In order to aim and accelerate the negatively charged ions, a magnetic field is created with special mineral insulated conductor cable. The mineral insulated cable has a large copper wire and is wound into a coil to be used as an electro-magnet. Kamet offers a complete solution for space propulsion systems. We are able to deliver a complete spool that includes a coiled mineral insulated cable with the right terminations.

Custom-made heating products for aerospace applications

At Kamet Heating you can be assured of the highest quality products. One of the reasons that Kamet Heating is supplying to Europe’s leading aerospace companies is because we actively support the development of new and custom-made heating elements. Our engineers are continuously pushing the boundaries of functionality and improving current designs. Therefore, we are capable of achieving temperatures up to 1400°C – 1600°C. Kamet Heating can guide you during the entire process of designing, developing and testing new solutions. Our engineers are specialized in developing a final product and are highly trained and experienced with different materials, and options for junctions and terminations.

Custom made heaters

Cryogenic temperature measurement in aerospace applications

For aerospace applications, measuring temperature is just as important as creating heat. The cryogenic platinum cobalt resistance sensor, is specifically designed for measuring low temperatures. With its ability to provide accurate performance at temperatures as low as 1.5K (-271°C), this sensor is ideal for aerospace applications where precision in extreme conditions is crucial.

The developed is by Okazaki, involved in the production of sensors for Japanese H-IIA/H-IIB spacecrafts and is listed on the European Space Agency’s preferred parts list. The sensor’s design, which includes tightly wound platinum resistance wires, offers advantages like resistance to high vibration levels and superior repeatability, making it a reliable choice for critical aerospace systems.

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