About us

Kamet aims to be the preferred European supplier of thermo components for all industries where temperature is the key focus. We offer excellent products from our global network of top class manufacturers, some of who are also our partners in product improvement, innovation and customized product design. As such, we are continuously striving to offer the best up-to-date solutions and services to our customers.

As Kamet customers you can rely on:

  • our status as an independent partner to thermo component manufacturers
  • full product traceability with 3.1 certificate
  • the guarantee that all raw materials are sourced in Europe
  • international (safety) certificates such as ATEX, IECEx and SA can be provided
  • quick response time to queries and quotations
  • the knowledge and skills of all employees being up to date thanks to Kamet’s ongoing training programs
  • smart logistics, worldwide
  • a large well-stocked warehouse
  • a digital, online platform and webshop which ensures timely restocking as well as an easy and efficient purchasing experience for our customers
  • our key account managers to support, advise and oversee bespoke heating and component sales
  • generally a very easy business experience due to our automated systems and exceptional levels of service

We invest in long-term relationships and innovation

Kamet invests in long-term relationships with both our suppliers and our customers. Our innovation orientation is a valuable aspect of these relationships. Through innovation Kamet:

  • seeks to stretch the boundaries of current products, thereby extending their range of use for clients as well as creating new industrial possibilities
  • develops new products and assemblies (often as a means of meeting the specific temperature needs of a client)
  • actively seeks out new markets and applications for our products such as is currently the case with strain gauges and fuel cells

The combination of our focus on relationship building as well as innovation puts us in the perfect position to anticipate market and industry changes and ensure the evolution of our products. As such, our clients are assured of the very latest developments and solutions. Thanks to Kamet’s products, innovation and service, customers who work in partnership with us are assured of process optimization and increased efficiency. All of which is packaged into our company culture of being ‘easy to do business with’.

Kamet’s business units and sister company, IAM Drijfhout

Kamet was founded more than 35 years ago, meaning we have decades of experience in the high temperature business. Kamet operates two specialized business units: Components and Heating. Furthermore, we work in close co-operation with our sister company, I.A.M Drijfhout.

Kamet Components

The Components business unit focuses on products associated with temperature measurement at high temperatures.

All our standard products are available for purchase directly through our webshop. Furthermore, we can assist in bespoke solutions, designing and supplying customized components for any new or particularly challenging application.

Our team of advisors at Kamet Components have a broad experience in high temperature solutions and are familiar with all products in this field. Kamet Components considers it part of their standard customer service to guide you in choosing the components that offer the optimal specifications for your situation.

Kamet Heating

Kamet’s Heating business unit was started as a specialized branch of Kamet services in 2012, providing high-end process heating solutions. Our level of expertise and customer service is reflected in the fact that we have become the preferred supplier for some of Europe’s leading aerospace and semiconductor industries.

At Kamet Heating we have become customization experts because of our close collaboration with our engineering partner ARi industries and Okazaki manufacturing company. Okazaki has more then 30 years of experience in developing heater. Together with Okazaki and ARi industries we have experienced partners to take on large and complex projects, but we give just the same level of service to even the smallest heating challenge.

Alongside our bespoke solutions, we offer a full range of standard heating cable and elements:

IAM Drijfhout, our sister company

For almost 200 years, IAM Drijfhout has been supplying precious metals for industrial, analytical, and medical applications. IAM Drijfhout works closely with all large international manufacturers, resulting in a wide range of high quality products on offer. Some of the precious metals supplied are gold, silver, platinum, iridium, rhodium, and palladium. Through the services of IAM Drijfhout, Kamet can offer her customers an precious metal recycling service.

Products and solutions;

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Fusion machines for XRF-analyses
  • Semi-finished products
  • Custom made products
Visit IAM Drijfhout website

The team

The close-knit team of dedicated professionals at Kamet, work hard to ensure the best service for our customers. Depending on your query you will be put in touch with one of us in:

  • Management
  • Key account management
  • Inside sales
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse
  • Finance and Administration
  • Marketing

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