Mineral insulated heating elements

A mineral insulated heating element is an electric heater that consists of two different wires. A conductive wire is connected to a resistance wire, both insulated with high quality magnesium oxide, and covered with a corrosion resistant sheath material. The conductor ensures a safe connection of the heater and bridges the distance from the connection point to the process. The resistor is in contact with the process that needs to be heated up. Mineral insulated heating elements can be shaped in any size and are a preferred application when a large power output is required. Additionally, they offer high corrosive resistant properties and stress-corrosion cracking.

Kamet offers mineral insulated heating elements up to as small as 1.0 mm in diameter!

Kamet’s mineral insulated heating elements can be grouped in three categories: microheaters, custom made heaters, and heat tracing assemblies. Micro heaters consist of a conductor and resistance wire connected in a single tube, such as an Inconel 600 tube.

These high end mineral insulated heating elements can be delivered up to as small as 1.0 mm in diameter. If large processes need to be heated up, custom made cartridge, plate, radiant, and tubular heaters can be provided. For heat tracing applications, Kamet offers complete assemblies with the conducting and resistance cable lasered together.


Mineral insulated heating elements are applied in a variety of industries. For example, micro heaters are applied in the semiconductor industry, and installed in areas where little space is available. Plate heaters are typically applied in the food and beverage industry, for example to heat up large vessels. Heat tracing elements are applied in environments where high power output is required, such as in the petrochemical industry. Additionally, the junctions of the heater are connected by lasering technology, ensuring excellent quality.
Our mineral insulated heat tracing elements are preferred because of quick delivery times and competitive pricing.


Micro heaters are offered as one and two wired heaters, with an Inconel 600 or stainless steel sheath.

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Heat tracing assemblies

Heat tracing elements are custom assembled heater elements, composed of Okazaki mineral insulated heating cables.

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Custom-made heaters

Custom made cartridge, plate, radiant, and tubular heaters are offered in all shapes and sizes.

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Okazaki & ARi industries

Kamet’s mineral insulated heating cables and custom made heaters are produced by Okazaki Manufacturing in Japan, the world’s largest mineral insulated cable manufacturer. With over 40 dedicated engineers for heating solutions, Okazaki Manufacturing Company offers both the knowledge and the scale, needed to accomplish demanding projects. Our micro heaters are supplied by ARi Industries, a leading supplier of customized mineral insulated solutions located in the USA.

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