Our partner for bare wire and rods

A family-run German company, Isabellenhütte has been producing thermocouple wires since 1728. They have become a world renowned manufacturer of thermocouple precision alloys for temperature measurement. They are also a large-scale producer of passive components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

Isabellenhütte is our official partner for bare thermocouple wires type K, N, J, E & T as well as for bare thermocouple rods. The quality and high precision of their products is outstanding, as is reflected by them being one of the suppliers for our partner, the Okazaki group.

Thermocouple bare wires

Our Isabellenhütte products

The thermocouple wires and rods produced by Isabellenhütte have become the industry’s reference point for temperature measurement. Kamet stocks their bare thermocouple wires of type K, N, J, E and T. The bare thermocouple rods are available as type K  and come in straight lengths of 2200mm with a diameter of between 4.0 and 10.0mm.

Our range of Isabellenhütte thermocouple wires and rods are notable for the following properties and qualities: :

Bare thermocouple wires and rods are used in a very wide range of industries with specific applications depending on the particular properties and temperature range of the product. Isabellenhütte’s wires and rods can also be incorporated into building temperature components such as the case with Okazaki’s Aeropak® mineral insulated cable which is manufactured using thermocouple wires from Isabellenhütte.

A quality partner

Isabellenhütte has been melting metals for centuries and is continuously innovating its production process. It may therefore come as no surprise Isabellenhütte operates under the slogan ‘Innovation by tradition’.

Having become a technological leader for many of their products, Isabellenhütte maintain this status through a multi-facetted approach to quality:

  • Customer-orientation
  • Continuous improvement through innovative product and process development
  • A highly qualified and motivated team
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For more information about Isabellenhütte

Kamet is proud to partner with Isabellenhütte and our team is available to answer any of your questions about the products. You can also find our range directly in our webshop.

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