Okazaki Manufacturing Company

The working relationship between Kamet and Okazaki Manufacturing Company goes back a long way. In 1988, Kamet’s founder met Mr Okazaki and discovered they had a mutual interest in exploring the opportunities of selling MI cable in Europe. Recognizing the exceptional quality of the Okazaki products, Kamet started as the Okazaki reseller for the EU.

Now more than 30 years later, the partnership between Okazaki and Kamet is stronger than ever and the product range has expanded to include not only MI cable (MI thermocouple and MI RTD cable) under the brand name AerOpak®, but also mineral insulated heating cable (sheathed heaters). These are the most highly advanced and accurate temperature products, designed for operation in some of the harshest environments.

About Okazaki

Okazaki Manufacturing Company, founded in 1954, is specialist in a wide range of temperature measurement and heat-related products, such as mineral insulated thermocouple cable, cryogenic sensors, protection tube type thermocouples, and sheathed heaters.

Their products range goes from -272°C to +2600°C. Okazaki has positioned itself as a leader in the industrial temperature sensor market, holding significant market share.

Okazaki main office is located in Kobe city in Japan. It has four factories in Japan, one in Taiwan and a subsidary in The United States:

  • Main Manufacturing Factory -This is the core facility for designing and manufacturing temperature sensors and other products. Located within the main factory, is also the Aerospace division. Here they produces high-grade sensors for aerospace applications, using specialized clean rooms and advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Kobe-Iwaoka Factory – Specializes in manufacturing mineral insulated cables and electric heaters, with a focus on quality management and customized products.
  • Fukuoka Factory -Focuses on mass production of temperature sensors, utilizing robotics for high-quality and cost-efficient production.
  • Kyushu Factory -A large facility dedicated to producing MI cables for both domestic and international sensor manufacturers.
  • Taiwan Factory –  The sheath-dedicated factory, which functions as a manufacturing base for MI cables for world wide distribution
  • USA – ARi Industries – Here they focus on special types of MI cable with refactory metals, custom made heating solutions with MI cable and exotic thermocouples.
Okazaki main factory
Okazaki Aerospace deficion location
Taiwan factory Okazaki manufacturing company
Factory of Okazaki manufacturing company

The qualities of Okazaki products

Kamet is proud to collaborate with Okazaki Manufacturing Company, a global leader in the production of temperature sensors and heating products. Here are some key reasons why our partnership with Okazaki is valuable:

  • Global Leadership: Okazaki is the largest manufacturer of Mineral Insulated (MI) cable in the world, producing over 10 million meters annually.
  • Innovative Milestones:
    • Okazaki has manufactured enough MI cable to circle the globe.
    • They have developed the world’s smallest MI cable, with a diameter of just 0.08 mm, finer than a human hair.
    • They pioneered the development of temperature sensors for fuel cells.
    • They are recognized as the leading supplier in the automotive industry.
  • Quality Assurance: Okazaki ensures product quality of Class 1 and higher. More information about the quality of Okazaki’s MI cable can be found on our dedicated page.
  • Certifications and Traceability: All products are fully traceable with material 3.1 certificates, and calibration certificates are always provided. Materials are sourced in Japan, Europe, or the United States.
  • Certifications Include: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, JIS Q9100, IATF 16949, and a JCSS accredited calibration lab owned by Okazaki.
  • Rapid Scaling: Quick transition from prototype to high-volume production.
  • Approved Supplier: Okazaki is approved supplier for the Automotive, Semiconductor, Aerospace, and Defense sectors.

In conclusion, Okazaki Manufacturing Company shares Kamet’s dedication to exceptional quality, meeting the temperature measurement and heating needs of a variety of industries.  The mutual focus on innovation means that as partners in the heating world, Kamet and Okazaki will continue to meet the changing needs of the industry and customers in the future.

Mineral insulated thermocouple and RTD cable

Under the brand name AerOpak®, Okazaki’s mineral insulated cable is sold  to European customers through Kamet. With our warehouse capacity of 1000 square meters we stock kilometers of MI cable, both MI thermocouple cable and MI RTD cable.

AerOpak® is designed to withstand high pressure and can be used for a wide temperature range from -200°C to 1260°C. It is thus ideal for hazardous and high temperature environments across a wide range of industries.

Every single coil or each batch of AerOpak® mineral insulated thermocouple cable is calibrated to ensure IEC60584 class 1, ASTM E230 special limits or AMS2750 E/F. Full traceability is guaranteed.

We maintain large stocks of the Okazaki products and therefor can ensure quick delivery times.

Some industries where mineral insulated heating cables are used:

  • incinerators
  • furnaces
  • power plants
  • oil rigs
  • heat treatments
  • medical devices

Mineral insulated heating solutions

We sell the sheathed heaters manufactured by Okazaki, also known as mineral insulated heating cables. With a very quick response time, these devices can supply heat at high temperatures to specific areas. This makes them unmissable in (fluid flow) processes where frost protection, temperature maintenance and temperature increase are necessary.

The metal sheath allows not only flexibility but also resistance to harsh, corrosive  and hazardous environments such as high temperature, high pressure, high radiation and/or corrosive atmospheres.

Some industries where mineral insulated heating cables are used:

  • oil, gas and nuclear power generation
  • petrochemical industries
  • waste incineration plants
  • pharmaceutics
  • solar power plants and fields
  • food processing
  • water treatment plants

Reach out to us

Should you have any specific questions about the products, their manufacture and/or your specific application then our Kamet team is on hand to answer you.

You can read more about Okazaki Manufacturing Company on their website