Type B thermocouple wire, Pt30%Rh-Pt6%Rh

The Type B thermocouple is specifically designed for extremely high-temperature applications. Renowned for its high level of accuracy and stability even at very high temperatures, it is particularly effective in environments requiring consistent performance under extreme heat.

Despite its robustness at high temperatures, Type B has a lower output compared to other noble metal thermocouples, such as types R and S, at temperatures below 600°C. It is suitable for continuous use in oxidizing or inert gas atmospheres and can also be used for short-term applications in vacuum environments for temperatures up to 1700°C. However, users should be cautious about potential embrittlement due to contamination.

Key characteristics of the type B thermocouple include its stable voltage generation, resistance to high-temperature oxidation, a wide measuring range, high mechanical strength, and good pressure resistance. These features make it an ideal choice for a variety of demanding industrial applications.

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In short about type B wire;

  • available in diameters ranging from 0.10 mm to 1.0 mm
  • provided in IEC 60584 Class 2
  • supplied with a calibration certificate
  • produced in EU with EU sourced materials
  • can be used when high accuracy is required
  • has a higher output and improved stability over a type S and R thermocouple
  • can be used in continuous oxidizing and inert atmospheres
  • should not be used in reducing atmospheres

Our standard Type B wire items

Thermocouple wire typeClassOutside Diameter in mmDelivery time
Type B wireClass 10.045 mm12 daysSend inquiry
Type B wireClass 10.20 mm12 daysSend inquiry
Type B wireClass 10.30 mm12 daysSend inquiry
Type B wireClass 10.35 mm12 daysSend inquiry
Type B wireClass 10.40 mm12 daysSend inquiry
Type B wireClass 10.50 mm12 daysSend inquiry
Type B wireClass 10.80 mm12 daysSend inquiry
Delivery times stated are workingsdays with delivery to Kamet’s warehouse

Please contact us if you need different diameters. We can supply more custom made diameters (combinations) then stated above.

Operating temperature 

Please note that the ranges are given as indicative values and vary per diameter.

  • Maximum long term continuous operating temperature: up to 1300°C
  • Short term use: up to 1600°C

Chemical composition 

BP ( + )7030
BN (-)946

Physical properties 

Density (g/cm3)21.4517.6
Melting point (°C)17711945
Resistivity at 0 °C (μΩ*cm)  9.8118
Tensile strength(Mpa)  156.8480.2
Coefficient of heat conductivity(W/M*K)  7130

Environmental and industrial usage

These thermocouples are ideally used in clean air or oxidizing environments and are not recommended for reduction atmospheres. Thanks to the increased amount of rhodium in Type B thermocouples, they experience reduced grain growth, which allows for a slightly higher temperature range compared to types R and S.

Type B thermocouples are utilized in a variety of high-temperature industrial settings. They are particularly useful in cement processes and incinerators, as well as other high-temperature industries. These thermocouples are adept at measuring hot gas temperatures and are suitable for inert and oxidizing applications, showcasing their versatility and reliability in challenging environments.

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