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ARi Industries Inc.

Our American partner, ARi industries, was established in 1952 and was among the first companies to ever manufacture mineral insulated cable. In 1980 ARi Industries became a member of the renowned Okazaki group. Okazaki is Kamet’s long-standing partner for the European MI cable market. As such, a working relationship between ARi Industries and Kamet Trading was established.

ARi Industries are specialist manufacturers of ultra high temperature thermocouples and special MI cables such as heavy wall. Furthermore, they are experts in heating cable as well as customized heating solutions. As such, ARi Industries products are an excellent match for all the temperature and thermal challenges met by  Kamet’s  Components Business Unit and  Heating Business Unit.

Our partner for ultra high temperature and exotic thermocouples

ARi industries produces ultra high temperature thermocouples made from exotic metals for applications where base metal thermocouples cannot be used due to extreme temperatures and challenging environments. The specialized sheaths typically include one or more of the following: Inconel 600, Pt10%Rh, Tantalum, Niobium 1% Zirconium or Molybdenum.

These  exotic or refractory metal alloys are used to sheath thermocouples type S, R, B, C or D to form an ultra high temperature thermocouple that can withstand the most hazardous environments even up to 2300°C.

Some of the typical applications for these ultra high temperature thermocouples include:

  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Gas furnaces
  • Reaction furnaces
  • High temperature ovens

ARi industries also supplies Kamet with special MI cables, such as type S, R and B sheathed MI cable, heavy wall of MI cable with exotic materials such as Titanium or Hastelloy. Not only do they provide top quality thermocouples and cables but they focus on ensuring the ideal combination of sensor and cable are installed and implemented in the most optimal way for each of our clients. They strive to be much more than a simple supplier.

In fact, ARi Industries are, like Kamet, eager to solve every temperature challenge. The development of these extreme thermocouples is one such example. Partnering with them puts us in a position to provide our customers with solutions for even the most extreme situations.

Our partner for heaters and heating solutions

A very important aspect of Kamet’s partnership with ARi Industries, is the  active collaboration on custom-made heaters for our clients. This benefits our clients in a number of ways:

  • Customers’ specific heating needs are fulfilled with heating elements in an overall design that is perfectly customized for their unique environment and process.
  • As experts on their own products, ARi Industries ensures the best performance from each heater and for the heating setup as a whole.
  • ARi Industries are leading-edge heating experts and, as such, our clients are ensured the very latest technological advances are brought to their thermal challenges.
  • Through our partnership, Kamet has access to a wide range of customizable heating cable and elements. Furthermore, if we need to make use of ARi Industries in-house capabilities to tailor make an element, they offer the capacity to ensure a quick turnaround and delivery time.
custom heating solutions

Heater Kamet

Quality products

Given their history, their market share and their inclusion in the Okazaki group, there can be no doubt about the proven quality of ARi Industries products. Their aim is to provide (custom) products which meet or exceed clients requirements. They take pride in their open communication and quick response times with efficient and fast delivery. Furthermore, they work according to Quality Objectives that are established and monitored by the Top Management and which  meet the stringent requirements of ISO 9001:2015.  All products are:

  • manufactured in the USA
  • fully certified and traceable
  • delivered fully tested and calibrated

Pride in our partnership

Alongside all the qualities we have mentioned so far, another reason we are proud to partner with ARi Industries is our shared focus on innovation as a means of product improvement and development.  ARi Industries has always been active in refining the production process of MI cable and high temperature thermocouples. For example, they pioneered the use of  high purity MgO sheaths thus significantly increasing the temperature range of the MI cable, even for small diameters.

ARi Industries’ innovative approach also keeps them on the leading edge of technological developments in the temperature field, as is reflected in their contribution of customized heaters for NASA’s mission to Mars.

Kamet supplies to some of  Europe’s leading semiconductor companies and we are considered a market leader in heating solutions. Partnerships with companies such as ARi Industries has been an essential aspect contributing towards achieving the loyalty and trust of our major clients.

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