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Specialized in providing high-quality solutions for temperature measurement, Kamet stands out as a trusted partner for manufacturers of temperature sensors and companies involved in process measurement equipment.

We combine decades of expertise with a streamlined approach to deliver both standard stock items and custom-made solutions for all your temperature measurement needs.

Standard stock ready to be shippend the same day

Our standard stock comprises a wide variety of temperature measurement components. From thermocouple wire to mineral insulated cables, we ensure high availability of all standard products. These items are ready to ship, providing you with quick and reliable solutions for your immediate needs.

Kamet warehouse showcasing MI cable stock

International delivery and logistic expertise

We excel in logistics, offering international delivery through air, ground, and sea transport options, utilizing all globally recognized couriers. Our services include:

  • Worldwide shipping: We can dispatch to almost any location worldwide, ensuring your products arrive safely and on time.
  • Export services: Our experienced team handles all necessary export documentation and compliance, making international transactions smooth and hassle-free.
  • FCA (Free Carrier): We offer Free Carrier arrangements to give you more control over the transport of your goods.
Boxes ready to be shipped Internationaly

24/7 Access to our stock via our digital portal

Our online customer portal provides round-the-clock access to:

  • Stock levels: Check availability of items instantly.
  • Pricing information: Get immediate access to current prices.
  • Lot lines for MI cable coils: Track lot numbers for better inventory management.
  • Document insights: Access invoices, packing lists, and compliance documents anytime.
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Warehouse services

Our warehouse is equipped to offer additional services to prepare products exactly as needed:

  • Spooling MI cable or bare wire: Custom spool sizes to meet specific requirements.
  • Cutting MI cable: Precision cutting, including short lengths for thermocouple manufacturing
Cutting MI cable in our warehouse

Stocking agreement

A solution designed to fit your needs, including:

  • Reserved stock: We keep the products and quantity you need on hand.
  • Fixed pricing for up to one year: Stability in pricing regardless of market fluctuations.
  • Complete assortment: Access to both standard and custom-made items
Kamet team in contact with customer

Quality products

We source our products from the best partner manufacturers worldwide, ensuring that every item meets our high standards:

  • Top Partner Manufacturers: We collaborate with industry leaders to offer outstanding products.
  • Responsible Source Materials: We procure materials exclusively from responsible sources in the EU, US, and Japan.
Quality check mineral insulated cables

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Get in contact with our sales managers to receive more information about Kamet or to request a quotation.