Kamet’s microheaters offer a heating solution in high tech processes and applications where precisely controlled temperature is required, possibly in extremely small spaces or at high temperatures. Some examples of applications include the semiconductor and aerospace industries.

Our mineral insulated (MI) microheaters are bendable and can be custom designed to fit the heaters in small environments where every nanometer counts. Furthermore, they can function reliably in environments that are extremely challenging: not only high temperatures but also  for other reasons such as: corrosion, high pressure or vacuum.

Using microheaters for small environments

Microheaters are small heaters with a mineral insulated outer layer and metal sheath. They consist of one or two wires that convert electrical energy into heat. A resistance wire is connected to a conductive wire and both are insulated with pure magnesium oxide (MgO). The MgO ensures that the heating section is insulated from environmental conditions.  They are high-powered and capable of being very precisely controlled even at temperatures of 1000°C. Other key characteristics include:

  • reliable and consistent output ensuring temperature uniformity.
  • function at a wide temperature range
  • suited to air, high pressure or vacuum
  • sheath materials provide resistance to different forms of corrosion
  • quick response rate
  • flexibility: these bendable heaters can also be coiled or cast in metal
  • extremely thin outer diameter (as small as 1 mm) means they fit in tiny, complicated spaces
  • consistent power output independent of temperature variations
  • pure and chemically stable, the magnesium oxide layer protects and ensures a long product life
  • good mechanical strength and vibration resistance
  • power efficient: heat is generated exactly where required, reducing power consumption

Microheaters are the ideal product for high tech industries such as:

Semiconductor industry

Including high-end applications such as ion implantation or vaporizer and deposition systems. They are especially important where  process stability is key such as wafer production. Microheaters can also be used in sputtering systems in which thin film layers are deposited in semiconductor devices and other nanotechnology products. Our custom made solutions integrate the mineral insulated heaters in the desired end product.



Research institutes run projects for various industries. The microheaters and heating cables offered by Kamet have a number of advantageous characteristics that can be relevant to this work.



Aerospace industries rely on these small heaters  in, for example,  the extreme environment of propulsion systems. In response to the challenges presented y this industry  we have been able to create microheaters that are  now even capable of achieving temperatures up to 1400°C – 1600°C.


Why choose Kamet’s microheaters?

Kamet has a wide variety of mineral insulated heating elements for different industries and environments. However, our greatest product is our expertise, experience and extensive knowledge. Our engineers strive to translate this know how into custom microheater solutions for our clients. This is always done in close collaboration with our producers and partners: ARi Industries and Okazaki Manufacturing. As such, we ensure that our clients receive the most highly specialized advice for their heating project.

Providing such customized solutions fits with Kamet’s innovative approach to product design. One of the reasons that Kamet Heating is supplying to Europe’s leading aerospace and semiconductor industries is because we actively support the development of new and custom-made heating products.

At Kamet Heating you can be assured of the highest quality products as well as full technical support at every stage of your project.  Get in touch with our experts and together we can define a microheater assembly and solution for your particular situation.

Just contact us!

We have only named a few applications of microheaters here, however there is a great range of possible high tech uses. To get a sense of design and specifications that would suit your situation,  just contact us! We’d be happy to provide an assessment and explanation of the (custom) microheater solutions we could provide.

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