Configure your high temperature thermocouple

  • Suitable for temperatures up to 2200Ā°C
  • Suitable for vacuum, inert, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres.
  • Wide variety of termination options available
  • Long term stability
  • Various additional tests available to validate integrity. Like special non-destructive testing with ARi Industries standards.
  • Robust hot junction on Type C & D through patented wire wrap / welding procedure
  • Custom material combination and sizes to meet demanding applications
  • Transition style thermocouples available to reduce costs

About Kamet Trading

Kamet provides thermocouples specifically engineered for hazardous environments. These thermocouples are capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures found in such conditions, typically utilizing Type R, S, B, C or D thermocouples. The sheath materials designed for these high temperature applications include MolybdenumTantalum, Tungsten 3% Rhenium, Pt10%Rh and Pt20%Rh.

Industrial uses of high temperature thermocouples

Ultra high temperature thermocouples are extensively used in demanding industrial environments such as high temperature vacuum furnaces, reducing, or inert atmospheres.

These atmospheres present unique challenges:

Discover the optimal thermocouple solutions for your specific environment, enhancing performance and safety in high-temperature applications.

High temperature thermocouples are indispensable tools across various industries and sectors such as:

There are situations where thermocouples have to withstand a combination of environments. We are happy to help with specific advice for your unique process and environment. Get in contact.