Platinum Surface Mount Devices (SMD)

In many temperature measurement applications, the sensor needs to be incorporated into printed circuit boards. Our range of platinum SMD’s (surface mount devices) are chips that have been designed for exactly this purpose. They offer easy high volume electronic integration while still maintaining all the advantages of thin film platinum sensors: withstanding vibration while offering accuracy and excellent response time across a range of temperatures.

Characteristics of Surface Mount Devices (SMD)

Kamet’s platinum Pt100 or Pt1000 SMD’s are a type of thin film resistance thermometer specifically designed for easy mounting on PCBs (printed circuit boards). For more detailed information on thin film sensors, please visit our thin film product page.

Our SMD’s include all the characteristics of this thin film technology and are the result of a highly controlled manufacturing process yet are low in cost and offer long term stability. The SMD’s have a linear temperature coefficient of 3850 ppm/K and are operational within a temperature range of -50 °C up to +150 °C.

The SMD’s can be soldered, sintered or wave soldered to the PCB and can be freely positioned, directly on the heat source. A further advantage is that the electronic connectors are isolated from the heat conducting (platinum) layer so no special substrate is required. The SMD’s specific design features mean that it is possible to replace them when needed without adapting the associated electronics.

In conclusion, SMD’s are the perfect resistance thermometer for the reliable, durable and precise control of electronic components that are operating in variable conditions.

SMD platinum Pt100

Industrial applications of SMD’s

The small size of surface mount devices makes them ideal for high mounting density applications such as data loggers but they are also extensively used in high performance industrial electronic applications: automotive, aviation and medical.

SMD’s play an important role in thermal management in the electronic industry. Electronic components continue to reduce in size, with higher power output in much smaller spaces which generates heat. As such, SMD resistance thermometers are essential to monitor temperature and prevent electronics from overheating.

As such SMD’s have often have an essential role in safety, for example in the automotive industry. The integrated sensors constantly monitor the temperature of a vehicle’s high performance electronics in order to protect components from overheating and causing potentially dangerous malfunctions. The SMD format is also particularly suited to applications in the rapidly expanding market of electromobility.

Our SMD range

Kamet strives to provide her clients with only the highest quality products. YAGEO Nexensos is our partner for the whole thin film range, including our SMD’s. YAGEO Nexensos uses state-of-the-art manufacturing systems producing high precision components. Consistency and accuracy throughout the production process are guaranteed.

Our Pt100 and Pt1000 SMD’s are available in tolerance class B and 2B and in both simplex and duplex executions with standardized characteristics according to IEC 60751.

Electronic parts continue to become increasingly compact and the small SMD sizes we supply perfectly match this trend. Kamet currently offers the following dimensions:

Product part number Size (L x W x H in mm)
SMD 0603 1.7 x 0.9 x 0.45
SMD 0805 2.3 x 1.4 x 0.6
SMD-FC 0805 2.1 x 1.35 x 0.4
SMD 1206 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.6

Also AEC-Q200 versions of SMD 1206, 0805 and 0603 are available.

Discover more about our SMD productpage

Why choose Kamet?

We have years of experience in the high temperature world. Our expert advisors are on hand to share their extensive knowledge of the products and market with you. In this way we can ensure you choose the perfect component for your particular application.

Furthermore we offer you:

  • products in stock
  • on-time delivery
  • smart logistics to track orders
  • uncompromising quality in service and components
  • quality assurance (ISO certified)

For more information on our full range of RTD Pt100 and Pt1000 products, please consult our knowledge base or product pages. Alternatively get directly in touch with our team.

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