Heat tracing systems

For fluid flow processes in extreme environments, the maintenance of the required temperature range in pipes or vessels is essential both for production and safety. The custom made heat tracing systems provided by Kamet are the perfect temperature maintenance solution for any extreme environment.

Applications of our mineral insulated heat tracing elements

Our trace heating systems provide bespoke temperature maintenance solutions by designing and placing mineral insulated (MI) heating cable along the length of the pipe and/or vessels involved in any particular fluid process. We advise MI heat tracing cables for a number of reasons:

  • provide a heating solution for pipes (eg prevent pipes from freezing)
  • maintain a constant flow temperature in hot water systems
  • control viscosity in piping or vessels by maintaining required process temperatures
  • ensure the correct temperature of fluids is maintained in damp, corrosive and hazardous locations, even at very high temperatures.
  • maintain temperature in systems where a high power output is required
  • maintain a constant power output, independent of temperature variations.
  • the heating element itself is protected against corrosion by the use of strong sheath materials.


Mineral insulated heating cable and elements

Your expert for heat trace projects

Although Kamet offers a range of MI heating elements, our focus is on tailored and bespoke heating solutions. In this sense our most important product is our expertise and experience in the field and the excellent collaborative partnerships we have developed with our suppliers ARi Industries and Okazaki Manufacturing.

If you approach us with a trace heating project, Kamet Heating will help you during the entire process: from initial design to development and finally testing.

Our engineers have years of experience in developing the right heater for industrial, commercial and domestic heating applications, including complex and harsh environments. They have extensive knowledge of different materials and options for junctions and terminations. Kamet Heating’s engineers will translate the customer’s needs into a functional heat trace system design which also takes into consideration all the client-specific recommendations from the manufacturers. Ultimately, this translates into excellent performance, traceability and reliability and thereby takes trace heater assemblies to the next level.

We invite you to send us a message. One of our experts will then contact you for an initial discussion regarding your particular situation and even in the preliminary stage we will consult with our suppliers where necessary.

Temperature maintenance solutions

MI heat tracing systems are the preferred temperature maintenance solution in industries with corrosive environments, extreme temperatures, high pressure or high radiation including high power density systems.

A wide variety of sheath and conductor combinations, combined with Kamet’s expertise and many years of experience in the heating world, mean we are well-qualified to design a heat tracing configuration that perfectly matches your situation.

To provide you with an idea of the possibilities, here are some examples of industrial applications:

Credit SolarReserve
Credit SolarReserve

Why choose Kamet?

At Kamet Heating you can be assured the best price, a wide variety of available stock and short delivery times. All our heat trace elements are laser welded instead of soldered. This delivers the highest quality outcome of the product.

As mentioned before, Kamet Heating can guide you during the entire process of designing, developing and testing tailor made solutions.

We pride ourselves on efficiency and operate with sharp lead times for a custom heat trace system.

Our suppliers

ARi Industries and Okazaki Manufacturing are our suppliers and partners for heat tracing. Both have been specialists in this area for over 60 years.

Based in the USA, ARi Industries was one of the first companies to manufacture mineral insulated cable to improve their product’s reliability. They are a leading supplier of MI heating systems and, like Kamet, are well known for their success in providing customized solutions.

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