CONNECTION HEADS for thermocouples

Limatherm Components

Our partner for (ATEX) connection heads

Limatherm is our partner for thermocouple connection heads and terminal blocks in hazardous (ATEX) environments. Kamet is the official distributor of Limatherm Components for The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and Spain.

Based in Poland, with a global network of distributors, Limatherm Components has over 40 years of experience in the production of connection heads in all shapes and sizes. With 200 dedicated  employees and state of the art manufacturing equipment, they are able to produce 3000 connection heads per day.

Alongside their standard product range they also have production equipment available for specialized variations or even to design and produce components tailored to our clients specific needs. .These customization options combined with their excellent quality standards and service, match the business ethics of Kamet perfectly. We are proud to partner with them and offer you their range of connection heads

Our Limatherm Components product range

connection heads

Connection heads

In demanding applications, measurement instruments such as thermocouples or RTDs require proper protection. Limatherm is specialized in the production of explosion-proof connection heads and housings, complying with international standards such as ATEX, FM, CSA and IEC. These connection heads provide the best protection for measurement instruments in hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres. We also stock Limatherm’s regular connection heads for non-explosive applications where ATEX certification is not required. These include type A, B and BA connection heads.

More about Connection heads

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks function as wire connections between a temperature sensor and an extension cable at high temperatures. Limatherm produces standard terminal blocks, spring loaded terminal blocks and explosion- proof terminal blocks that perfectly complement their connection heads.

The qualities of Limatherm Components

By partnering with Limatherm Components, Kamet has ensured her customers receive only the highest quality connection heads:

  • ATEX, FM, CSA and IEC certification
  • Limatherm Components production process complies with ISO 9001: 2015
  • Extra quality control through:
    • the use of several vertical and lateral computer controlled (CNC) machines, offering levels of accuracy and consistency that could never be achieved by hand
    • strict visual inspections
    • comprehensive product testing

Specialist machinery and a dedication to customer satisfaction means that Limatherm Components offers value-added services and options such as:

  • production in almost any material
  • surface finishing and shaping with high accuracy of 0,004 mm.
  • an extra anti-corrosion safety through a chromating process (Cr6+, Cr3+), galvanizing, anodizing and spray or powder painting (this protects connection heads for more than 10 years from salty and humid atmospheres!).
  • offering customized paint colours

Due to Limatherm Components’ high production capacity they can produce large quantities with relatively short delivery times.

For more information about Limatherm Components

Reach out to one of our experts with any questions you might have. If a specific component you need is not there, we would be glad to explore a customized solution for you.

For more information about our partner Limatherm Components, you can visit their website.

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