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Haynes international is a market leader in the production of high temperature alloys. Haynes® alloy types 160, 188, 224 and 230 can all be supplied by Kamet in the form of sheath materials for MI cable. By providing a wide range of sheath materials, Kamet ensures that there is always a sheath material to match every specific application environment. As a result, we ensure higher efficiency levels for customers as well as extended component lifespan which ultimately translates to significant cost savings.

More about Haynes® alloy types 188, 224 and 230 and their industrial applications

The differences in the Haynes® alloys lies in their composition, physical properties and the varying corrosion resistance characteristics.

  • Haynes® 188 is distinguished by its high-temperature strength, thermal stability as well as excellent oxidation resistance up to 1095°C. Furthermore, it is resistant to sulfate deposit hot corrosion. This alloy is used in aircraft gas turbine engine combustors extensively in demanding military and civil aircraft gas turbine engine combustors, transition ducts, and after-burner components.
  • Haynes® 224 has superior oxidation resistance as a result of the formation of an alumina protective scale at high temperatures. Furthermore, Haynes® 224 is easily welded and has ductility and formability. Applications include severely oxidizing environments such as fuel, gas separation units and automotive catalytic converters and heat shields.
  • Haynes® 230 is known for excellent resistance to prolonged oxidation exposure up to 1149°C and exceptional resistance to nitration. Furthermore, it maintains its strength at high temperatures. These properties make it a popular choice in aerospace and power industries, particularly for gas turbine components. It is also a popular material for industrial heating applications.

Physical properties of Haynes® alloy types 160, 188, 224 and 230

Haynes® typeCompositionTensile strength (sheet) MpaMelting pointKey characteristics
188cobalt(39%) nickel(22%) chromium(22%) tungsten(14%)838 (649°C) 580 (760°C)1315-1410°CThermal stability. Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance. Sulfidation resistance.
224nickel(47%) iron(27.5%) chromium(20%) aluminium(3,8%) 581 (649°C) 472 (760°C)1340-1380°CMaintains oxidation resistance at the highest temperatures of these five Haynes alloys.
230nickel(57%) chromium(22%) tungsten(14%) molybdenum(2%)666 (649°C) 538 (760°C)1301-1371°CResistance to nitration and prolonged oxidation. Retains strength at high temperatures.

Kamet’s sheath products from Haynes

Our MI cable can be sheathed in a number of Haynes alloys:

  • Haynes® 188 with diameters between 1.60 mm and 4.78 mm
  • Haynes® 224 with diameters between 3.20 mm and 6.35 mm
  • Haynes® 230 with diameters between 1.60 mm and 4.78 mm

We can also supply these cables for type K thermocouple. If you have any specific questions or require a quote, please contact our team, we’ll be pleased to help.