About mineral insulated heaters

What are mineral insulated heaters?

A mineral insulated heater is an electric heater that consists of one or two wires that convert electrical energy into heat. A conductive wire is connected to resistance wire, both insulated with high-quality magnesium oxide, and covered with a corrosion-resistant sheath material.  

What temperatures can Mineral Insulated heaters reach?

One of the advantages of mineral insulated heating cable is constant power output, independent of temperature variations. Temperatures of up to 800 °C can be achieved in environments with an exposed temperature of up to 1000 °C.

What are the advantages of Mineral Insulated heaters in comparison to other electric heating techniques?

Mineral insulated heaters are applied in high-temperature environments when the large power output is required, and if strong resistance to corrosive surroundings are needed. In general, mineral insulated heaters are used when temperatures up to 800C need to be maintained when exposed to temperatures up to 1000C. Also, mineral insulated heaters have an excellent heat transfer and a constant power output, independent of temperature variations.  

What is the size (length / diameter) of a Mineral Insulated heater?

Our heaters are available in various lengths and diameters. In general, the length of the hot section of a micro heater starts around 100 mm. The maximum length is variable and depends on the sort of heater. For example, a heat tracing element can go up to 200 meters. The outside diameter of a heater can vary from 1.0 mm up to 13 mm.

What is the difference between one-wire and two-wire heater?

A one-wire heater has a single inner wire and consists of one hot section and two cold ends. A two-wire heater consists of two inner wires with one hot section and one cold end.

Why are Mineral Insulated heaters used for heat tracing?

Heat tracing elements are applied in environments where high power output is required. Mineral insulated heaters are used to protect pipes from freezing or to maintain the temperature of process piping and vessels. The mineral insulated heaters are suitable for short to very long heating circuits.

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