What are mineral insulated heating cables made off and how bendable are they?

What are Mineral Insulated heaters made off?

Mineral insulated heating cables are made of three components:

  • The inner wire: the wire (or conductor) is made from a high-quality alloy such as nickel/chromium, Inconel 600, or nickel/copper.
  • Insulation: made out of compressed Magnesium Oxide (MgO).
  • Sheath material: mineral insulated heating cables are sheathed with material varying from Inconel to different types of stainless steel.

How bendable are Mineral Insulated heaters?

Mineral insulated heaters are very bendable. A minimum bend radius of 5x the sheath outside diameter is recommended to not appreciably affect insulation resistance negatively.

The minimum bend radius (R) is typically determined by the outer diameter (d) of the cable times a multiplier.

For example:

Outer Diameter: 5mm

Bend radius: 25mm

Outer Diameter: 1mm

Bend radius: 5mm