What are the advantages and limitations of a thermocouple?

What are the advantages of a thermocouple sensor?

There are many reasons why you would choose a thermocouple for your application, these include:

  • Thermocouples can be used at very high temperatures
  • Thermocouples can be used in demanding environments
  • Thermocouples have high reproducibility
  • Thermocouples have a fast response time
  • Thermocouples are very accurate at a wide operating range
  • Thermocouples have extreme durability
  • Thermocouples are self-powered, so they do not require a current or voltage source
  • Thermocouples can withstand high vibrations

What are the limitations of a thermocouple?

Even though a thermocouple probe is the perfect choice for many applications, there are some limitations including the following:

  • Thermocouples are not as accurate as RTDs in a certain set temperature range
  • Thermocouples are susceptible to drift over time
  • Thermocouples, when badly insulated, are vulnerable to corrosion
  • Thermocouple signals are not perfectly linear