What are the delivery times of Kamet?

Cables in stock can be shipped out the same day or the day that is determined as specific delivery date.

For non standard stock items, delivery times may vary. Below you find a rough estimate of delivery times for non-stock items to Kamet’s warehouse. Please be informed that delivery time on order confirmation is leading.

Product categoryDelivery time in weeks
MI TC cable 14 weeks 
MI RTD cable 14 weeks 
MI cable with platinum wire 6  weeks 
MI cable with platinum sheath material 4-5 weeks 
MI cable with Pyrosil sheath material 6-7 weeks 
Welding caps/End caps 2-3 weeks 
Bare TC wire 12-14 weeks
Bare TC wire – platinum wire type S/R/B3-4 weeks
Bare TC wire – wire type C/D2 weeks 
Softcable – RTD/TC TBA on order confirmation 
Thin films 11-16 weeks
Ceramic wire wounds TBA on order confirmation 
PT elements with extended wire 2-4 weeks 
Connection heads TBA on order confirmation 
TC Connectors 2 weeks 

Kamet contracts

To ensure stability in prices and assurance of materials for your projects, we offer one to two year contracts on all products Kamet has to offer. This gives you fixed prices for up to two years and because we have the item in stock for you, we can assure fixed delivery times for the needed materials.