Why is temperature measurement important and which instruments are used to measure it?

Why is temperature measurement important?

Temperature is one of the most important measurement variables for monitoring and controlling in various industries. If temperature in the steel industry is not measured correctly it can have a negative impact on the quality of the final product. Furthermore, it could also endanger the workplace security.

What is the most accurate way of measuring temperature?

The most accurate way to measure temperature is by using a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD). However, the temperature range of an RTD is limited compared to a thermocouple. Therefore, at higher temperatures (e.g. >650Ā°C) thermocouples tend to be more accurate.

What instruments are used to measure temperature?

The two most common instruments to measure temperature are Thermocouples and Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs). Other devices that are used to measure temperature are listed below:


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Bimetallic thermometers

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Langmuir probes

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Other thermometers

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