When was Kamet founded?

Kamet was founded in 1988 by Mr. Frits Kok. Mr. Kok was working in the Precious Metals Industry when he met Mr. Okazaki. Both were interested in exploring the opportunities of selling MI cable in Europe. From a wooden shed in his backyard, Frits Kok founded a company with a name that everyone can pronounce: Kamet.

Kamet started as a family business. From the shed in the backyard, Mr. Kok worked together with his family to pack and ship the cables all over Europe. Business was going well and soon, Mr. Kok was visiting customers all over Europe. After a few years the first employees were hired, and an attic was found that was used as an office.

In 2005 Mr. Hans Beekman moved back to the Netherlands after living abroad for several years. It was time to follow his long-term dream: having his own company. A friend of Mr. Beekman told him that Kamet Trading was for sale. This was exactly what he was looking for: an international company, B2B and lots of potential.

Mr. Beekman and Mr. Kok met and reached a business agreement:  the company would be wholly owned by Mr. Beekman by 2008. In the meantime, the attic became too small for the 5fte working at Kamet and business was moved to a business park in the Dutch city of Hilversum.  

In the following years, Kamet expanded its network and proudly added several leading producers of thermo components to its supplier list such as Yageo Nexensos, RTD Products & Isabellenhütte.

By 2012, the Kamet personnel had more than doubled: 11fte. The Heater Cable & Heater elements were introduced and the ISO 9001 certification was obtained. Furthermore, the representation for Tyco MI cable in Europe was received.

In 2016 the company moved to a larger facility in Utrecht, since the location in Hilversum had become too small for its operations. This relocation allowed Kamet to grow even further to become Europe’s leading Okazaki MI cable distributor.

In 2018, Toine Fritschy took over the company from Hans, he formed a new management team and made Kamet ready for the years to come. Thanks to an upgraded software system, we can now store our files digitally and work from home. Toine believes highly in digitalization and providing online services to our customers. At the end of 2020 our webshop has been launched. With custom coil-selection and an immediate overview of our stock, we trust the webshop addd an extra dimension to the Kamet-service our customers are used to.