Which industries use mineral insulated heaters?

Mineral insulated heating cables are applied to heat up processes in different industries, such as the semiconductor industry, research institutes, automotive, aerospace, heat tracing, and many other high tech industries.

Industry Advantages of MI heaters Known Uses 
Aerospace Can handle harsh environments,
Small formed intricate geometries,
Easy to braze 
Drain tubes, 
Pitot tubes,
Ion propulsion cathode heater 
Electronics Small formed intricate geometries,
Easy to braze 
Small heating plates for soldering/brazing 
Semiconductor/Thin Film Small formed intricate geometries,
Easy to braze 
Wafer heater
Small/medium formed heater arrays 
Research institutes Small formed intricate geometries,
Easy to braze, 
Can handle harsh environments 
Battery testing, 
Fluid tank level indicators/heaters, 
Ion propulsion cathode heater, 
Isotope seperator 
Nuclear/powerplants Small formed intricate geometries, 
Can handle harsh environments 
Off-site fire detector testers 
Cryogenics Small formed intricate geometries, Easy to braze Cryopumps 

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