Hamitherm Connectors overview


Our partner for high quality thermocouple connectors

Kamet is proud to partner with Dutch manufacturer Hamitherm in delivering first class thermocouple connectors and accessories. Thermocouple connectors are used to link sensing components or to extend thermocouple wire in temperature measuring circuits. Due to Hamitherm’s excellent price-quality ratio and extensive stock, they have become Europe’s leading manufacturer for these products.

Hamitherm product range

Hamitherm offers a wide range of connectors in a variety of materials including a nylon economy line, thermoplastics and specialized ultra high temperature ceramic. The thermocouple connectors are available with various calibrations and also in all color code standards. This range of choices combined with a vast in-house stock means that through Hamitherm, Kamet is equipped to meet any thermocouple connector needs, even for the largest projects.

Hamitherm’s extensive product range includes:

  • Standard thermocouple connectors and accessories
  • Miniature thermocouple connectors and accessories
  • Thermocouple panels and panel accessories
  • PCB thermocouple connectors
  • High temperature and Ultra high temperature miniature and standard connectors.
  • Miniature and standard panel inserts
  • M8-M12 connectors
  • Barrier and rail mounted terminal blocks

Through our partnership with Hamitherm, we are pleased to be able to offer a customization service should you need thermocouple connectors with a different design or calibration. Please feel free to contact us in this regard.

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Hamitherm Thermocouple Connectors

Hamitherm Thermocouple Connectors

Hamitherm Thermocouple Connectors

Thermocouple Connectors

Quality products and service

Kamet always strives to provide excellent service with products of the highest quality. Our partnership with Hamitherm reflects these goals:

  • Materials: Hamitherm uses the highest quality thermocouple materials for the connector body and, with the exception of the budget line, stainless steel is used for all the plates, screws and brackets
  • Inspection: control points are set up at incoming, inprocess and outgoing stages of the production line
  • Documentation: All thermocouple materials are delivered with test reports and calibration certificates
  • Certification: Hamitherm is certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Hamitherm ensures excellent customer service by being able to deliver on time and at short notice. Kamet stocks an extensive range of Hamitherm products which are replenished on a weekly basis. These supplies are furthermore backed up by Hamitherm who keeps in excess of 80,000 thermocouple connectors in stock as well as sufficient components to make up an additional 200,000 connectors at short notice. In this way delivery times are quick, even for the largest orders.

Trusted partner for various Industries

Hamitherm is Europe’s leading manufacturer for thermocouple connectors. Their connectors are used in a vast range of applications:

  • Automobile industry; engine testing and Field testing of new and existing models
  • Automotive suppliers; brake testing, Tire testing and Injection molding
  • Aircraft Industry; autoclave and bonding operations
  • Heat treatment; temperature controls of the heat treatment process, QC and QA by external auditors of the process
  • Construction and Building Industry; asphalt production and processing, Concrete construction
  • Aerospace; pre flight testing, Flight simulation
  • Instrument manufacturing; Temperature data logger, Temperature held indicators
  • Process Industry; a large variety of applications throughout the industry
  • Laboratories; Pilot plants for chemical and petrochemical applications, R and D
  • Plastic processing; mold and injection temperature
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Nuclear Industry
High themperature Connectors

High themperature Connectors

High themperature Connectors

High themperature Connectors

More information about Hamitherm

To learn more about Hamitherm you can visit their site here. As mentioned before, Kamet works closely with Hamitherm for any customization requests. Please feel free to contact us with any questions in this regard.

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