Supplier of industrial temperature sensors.

Kamet is your connection to the high temperature world

Kamet aims to be the preferred supplier for temperature sensor manufacturers in Europe and beyond. We have a large warehouse filled with high-quality components for industrial temperature sensors. With on-time delivery, smart logistics and excellent quality, Kamet strives to be a trustworthy partner for industries where temperature is key focus. We supply excellent products from top class suppliers, together with whom we continuously strive to improve our products and service.

At Kamet we

  • continuously aim to improve our processes, products and service.
  • continuously help our suppliers to improve their products and sales
  • strive to become and remain a preferred supplier to our customers.
  • are continuously developing the knowledge and skills of our employees through training and education.
  • brand ourselves easy to do business with because of our smooth running automated systems and high service level.
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