Custom-made heaters

In close cooperation with our manufacturers we are continuously pushing the boundaries and improving product designs. As such, Kamet is well equipped to guide you in the whole process of designing, developing, and testing new heating solutions. Additionally, we maintain a strong network of international partners who are leaders in the field of implementing, attaching (e.g. soldering, brazing, and welding), and connecting heaters on location. Our company is proud to be considered an industry leader in heating solutions.

In which industries are our custom mineral insulated heating applications found?

The heating team at Kamet is most often involved in providing custom-designed Mineral insulated heating solutions for:

In many of these situations the heating challenge is in a vacuum, another area of expertise that we have experience in.

Specifications and physical properties of customized mineral insulated heating elements

Details and specifications of the bespoke heating solutions we have designed are confidential in agreement with our clients. In general terms a thermal challenge is analysed to see which designs are required. “Focused designs” concentrate heat into a smaller area of intense heat while “extended large designs” heat various substrates, platens or milled grooved plates – sometimes for multiple zones in one heating assembly.

Types of custom electric heating elements we have made in the past include:

  • plate heaters
  • coiled heaters
  • cathode heaters
  • heaters containing a thermocouple
  • custom tubular heating elements
custom heating kamet

Part of developing custom-made heaters is stocking a range of parts to ensure full flexibility in product build and design. Some of the variations in physical properties of our custom heating elements include:

  • diameters from 0.5 mm to approximately 5 mm
  • Variable within the physical operating limits of the element
  • 1 or 2 conductor wires is possible
  • a range of resistance values to choose from
  • options with regard to insulation material e.g. compacted magnesium oxide or alumina oxide
  • sheath material such as: Alloy 825, stainless steel, Inconel 600 and refractory metals such as tantalum
  • choice of metal for the conductors: often Inconel 600, but others such as Nickel, Copper or Constantan are possible

Kamet can deliver heating cable and elements in virtually any shape (pre-forming). Furthermore, soldering and welding onto a plate or a tube is an optional service we offer. This assembly process can be done onto plates from our stock or parts provided by the client.

Why choose Kamet?

Kamet offers the highest quality products with guaranteed durability. This is an essential part of our service, given the often extreme environments and inaccessibility of the custom-made heaters in almost all applications. Kamet is a company with many years in the high temperature world. Through us our customers are assured of expert advice and solutions provided by inhouse engineers with extensive experience. Our know how regarding the customization of heaters is one of our most important products. Having said that, our engineers are also able to think alongside customers to come up with out of the box solutions or adjustments to a whole system as a part of resolving a heating challenge.

Please contact us with any enquiries, so that we can start resolving your thermal issues as soon as possible! More information can be found on our product pages and in the knowledge base.

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