Stator Slot RTD sensor

Electric motors play a crucial part in almost all industries, from the tiniest motors in electronics to the huge motors used for power generation. Some key demands that are driving development in the electric motor field include: improved efficiency, miniaturization, longevity, cost reduction and better cooling

Kamet delivers industrial-quality RTD sensors especially designed for use in the slots between the stator windings of motors and generators. The stator slot RTD has sensors along most of its length thus providing continuous average temperature readings across a wide area. This design allows for very accurate average temperature monitoring and ensures no localized hot-spots are missed.

The temperature readings can be used to:

  • prevent overheating thus increasing longevity.
  • ensure precise and timely cooling which improves motor efficiency.
  • provide early indication of core component failure or incorrect voltage (for example, that temperatures continue to increase in spite of cooling). This protective functionality provides:
    • significant cost saving in the long term (prevents unnecessary damage to insulation or mechanical elements).
    • a considerable contribution to safety (for example during peak demand at a hydropower plant).
    • reliability as the motor has less ‘downtime’.

Kamet’s stator slot RTD’s are already key components in the hydroelectric industry, in wind turbines and other generators. However, accurate and consistent measurement of thermal shifts in stator windings is highly relevant throughout all industries where electric motors are in use. As such, Kamet is striving to bring these listed benefits of stator slot RTD sensors to the attention of a broad range of industries, to facilitate these companies in keeping up with the current electric motor and generator development trends.

Stator slot RTD specifications and use

Stator slot sensors design and properties:

  • both flat and thin to fit between the windings
  • usually made with wire wound RTDs
  • sensors along the entire length
  • durable: resistant to shock, pressure and vibration.
  • bifiliar design to prevent measurement errors caused by induction voltage
  • withstand voltage of up to 3KV
  • maximum short circuit current of 20mA
  • high temperature epoxy glass casing provides insulation class F or H (F=155°C, H=180°C).
  • specialized sheath materials (such as teflon) can increase operating temperature up to 250°C
  • single or dual elements
  • available in versions suited to hazardous environments (Atex and IECEX certification)

Stator slot RTD sensors are placed between the windings of the stator, usually inside protective slots. For the best performance, the RTD should be securely positioned near the hottest point. The recommended number is 2 sensors per phase of the motor. To ensure longevity of the sensor creases and sharp turns should be avoided and operation must be in a grounded environment. Full instructions for installation are provided upon purchase, however you can contact us with any technical queries, our team of experts are happy to advise you.

Stator Slot Style Pt100 Sensor
Stator slot wires

Kamet’s product range

Stator Slot style Pt100 Sensors in a length of 100mm are commonly used. However we also offer:

  • resistances of Pt1000, Pt500 and Pt200
  • lengths up to 500mm
  • diameters between 8-12mm
  • a choice of lead wire materials: silver, nickel or tin plated copper wires in a variety of AWG sizes.
  • builds with 2, 3 or 4 lead wires and single or duplex elements.
  • certified “intrinsically safe” and “increased safety” models for hazardous, explosive environments. The level of protection is certified in accordance with Directive 2014/34/UE (ATEX) for gases and dust.

This variety in specifications, combined with the dynamic needs of customers across a range of industrial environments mean that most of Kaemt’s stator slot RTD’s are delivered as a bespoke product. We customize the design and calibration to match the specific requirements of our clients. Our in-house specialists will be delighted to answer your queries and discuss your situation.

At Kamet we pride ourselves in our customer service and you can be certain of a response within 24 hours. Please be advised that there is a 3-4 week delivery time, depending on the chosen configuration and level of customization.

When you purchase a product from Kamet you are guaranteed exceptional quality. All our parts and materials originate from Europe, USA and/or Japan. We build and maintain close relations with our suppliers and are therefore well-positioned to provide our clients with the most accurate information about our products and the latest trends and developments.

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