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Thermocouple, extension and compensation cable

Insulated wire designed to extend a signal from a thermocouple to a measuring device. Kamet stocks a wide range of thermocouple, extension, and compensation cable.

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RTD elements, Pt100, thin film and ceramic wire wound resistor

Wide range of RTD sensors, with resistance values varying from Pt50, Pt100, Pt200, and Pt500. The Pt sensors are available as thin film and ceramic wire wound resistor.

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High temperature thermocouples with sheath materials

Thermocouples specifically designed for extremely high temperatures in hazardous environments. Supplied with protecting sheath materials, such as molybdenum or tantalum.

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Mineral insulated thermocouple cable, class 1

Okazaki mineral insulated thermocouple cable, calibrated to class 1 or even higher accuracy, and supplied with a 3.1 material certificate.

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Mineral insulated heating cable

Available to heat up processes in different industries, such as the semiconductor & aerospace industry.

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Connection heads and instrument housings

For the most demanding environments, complying with international certificates, such as ATEX, IECEx and SA. Also, accessory terminal blocks are available.

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Recycling service for our precious metals.

Wires and customized products made of precious metals, such as Platinum, Gold, Rhodium, and Iridium in all shapes, sizes and alloys. Additionally, Kamet offers a recycling service for our precious metals.

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Thermocouple wire Supplied with certificates.

Thermocouple wire ranging from type K, N, J, T & E to thermocouple type S, R, B & C. Supplied with calibration certificates.

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