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Heraeus Nexensos

Our partner for high-quality platinum thin film sensors

Heraeus Nexensos is a family-owned, international company with headquarters in Germany. Founded in 1851, they have not only stood the test of time but thanks to their strong focus on innovation, they are one of the world’s leading technology groups when it comes to platinum and platinum production processes, including thin film technology.

As such, we are proud to be their official partner in supplying Pt100, Pt500 and Pt1000 thin film RTD temperature sensors of exceptional quality with an overall temperature range of -196°C to 800°C. Heraeus Nexensos also supplies a range of surface mount devices (SMD), which are specialized thin film sensors designed for fully automated placement on a printed circuit board (PCB). We are the official reseller for the BeNeLux, the Nordic region, Denmark, Türkiye and Greece.

Thin film sensors can be described as a two-dimensional miniature version of a traditional wire wound RTD. The length and diameter of the wirewound resistors are replaced by a very fine platinum layer on a ceramic substrate. The Heraeus Nexensos manufacturing process is largely automated and incorporates the latest production technologies.

Thin film RTD sensors are widely used in applications where high accuracy, reliability and quick response times across a range of temperatures are essential. The sensors are shockproof, adding to their reliability and durability even in challenging environments.

Which Heraeus Nexensos sensors does Kamet provide?

pt100 thinfilm

Thin film RTD temperature sensors

  • Available in 4 types according to temperature range
  • Cryo, Low, Medium and High types of RTD’s span temperatures from -196°C to +850°C meaning there is always a sensor to be found for your situation
  • Each type has two or more resistance options to choose from: Pt100, Pt500, Pt100 and Pt2000
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Platin Yüzeye Monteli Cihazlar (SMD)

SMD sensors

SMD’s offer easy high volume electronic integration while still maintaining all the
advantages of thin film platinum sensors. Our Heraeus Nexensos Pt100 and Pt1000 SMD sensors come in four different sizes with a temperature range of -50°C to +150°C.

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In which industries are thin film sensors used?

Renewable energy

In the field of renewable energy, such as energy generation by wind turbines, facilities typically operate continuously. The long-term stability of measurements as well as the high reliability and durability of platinum sensors from Heraeus Nexensos are therefore highly advantageous.

Process technology

When precision and reliability are crucial, or when high currents, corrosive environments or mechanical stress create harsh conditions, or when especially high or low temperatures are involved, platinum sensors from Heraeus Nexensos offer a durable solution.


Because of the biocompatible nature of the platinum thin film resistors, they are exceptionally reliable and safe for use with living cells. Also for cryogenic applications, such as analytical equipment for medical and laboratory purposes, the Pt100 thin film resistors from Heraeus Nexensos are particularly suitable.


With the miniaturization trend, accurate temperature measurement in the field of electronics is an extra challenge. The SMD sensors are valued components in a range of electronics, battery packs, hospital equipment and e-mobility where a standardized format is needed for fully automated placement with high mounting density.

Heraeus Nexensos is also a well-established name in the automotive industry for all the thin film types.

Heraeus Nexensos qualities

Alongside the reliability and well-established name of Heraeus Nexensos, there are some other aspects of the company that make us proud to partner with them. These include:

  • an active Research & Development department, facilitating product innovation and improvement for new processes and markets
  • a very large production capacity, meaning there are never any stock shortages
  • offering products of exceptional quality at competitive prices
  • testing of every single sensor to ensure it meets the high quality standard upheld by Heraeus Nexensos.
  • dedication to customer service and although complaints are seldom, issues are always resolved quickly and professionally
  • not only standard products on offer, but Heraeus Nexensos will also think alongside our engineers for customized solutions where needed.
Heraeus Nexensos pt100 element

For more information about Heraeus Nexensos

If you would like more details, have a look at our thin film product pages. Our engineers are also onhand to respond to any queries you might have. You can read up more about Heraeus Nexensos on their website.

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